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Winners will be announced Thursday PM

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Rodney Dill
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  1. D. Dean says:

    Preplow… store stunt.
    Postplow… roadkill.

  2. Maggie Mama says:

    Dammit, Al Gore’s giving another “Global Warming” speech in Alexandria today.

    Now we know what’s happened to all the Artic wildlife – they’ve moved to Washington, D.C.

  3. D. Dean says:

    Sign reads ‘PADD’… Penguins Against Democrat Derangement.

  4. D. Dean says:

    Bank of America’s ‘free penguin when you open an account promotion.’

  5. Maggie Mama says:

    “Having shoveled my walk five times in the midst of this past weekend’s extreme cold and blizzard, I think perhaps RFK, Jr. should leave weather analysis to the meteorologists instead of trying to attribute every global phenomenon to anthropogenic climate change.”

    {H/T Drudge: I’ve borrowed word for word from David Freddoso, Online Opinion Editor, Washington Examiner because I enjoyed his post so much!}

  6. Maggie Mama says:

    Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman of the UN’s IPCC, is hosting a black tie event for the MSM as a thank-you for their continued ignoring of climategate and glaciergate.

  7. Michael Hamm says:

    The entire Global Warming Consensus Committee arrives to protest the recent 10 year decline in Global Temperatures.

  8. scotty says:

    Killer penguins in DC, the “system” fails again to thwart an obvious attack.

  9. scotty says:

    The first “stop manmade global cooling” protester..

  10. mpw280 says:

    And the long lonely walk from head of the class to class clown begins for Al Gore. mpw

  11. DL says:

    Polly Penguin give the bird to the IPCC

    After this stunt, the Birdseye frozen foods doubled in sales.

    Immigrants from Antarctica doing jobs American wont do.

    It was months before the medical community realized that it was Birdflu Mary that was carrying the disease.

    The TARP money had to be split between the animal rights groups and the community organizers.

  12. “No,” the penguin replied, “it’s only ice cream.”

  13. elliot says:

    The Emperor Penquins new clothes….

  14. physics geek says:

    Wearing sign that says “Will quack for sunshine.”

    The Penguin God unleashes his wrath on mankind.

    Batman’s nemesis decides to stop fooling around and show the Caped Crusader who the real sheriff in town ins.

    Scene from Ghostbusters, re-imagined:

    Dr Ray Stantz: I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy us. Mr. Linux!

    Dr. Peter Venkman: Nice thinkin’, Ray.

  15. Triumph says:

    Linux advocates take extreme measures to convince you to adopt their crappy operating system.

  16. Triumph says:

    I’d rather have a lap dance from Barbara Mikulski than this piece of crap….What’s that? That’s Henry Waxman under that suit?!? Give me Mikulski, ASAP!

  17. Rachel Edith says:

    John McCain Demonstrates ~ On Placard
    ~ Admiral Mike Is A Dyke ~