Time for another OTB Caption ContestTM.

Write your own caption in the comments section below
Courtesy WaPo

Winners will be announced some time after noon next Monday.

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James Joyner
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  1. Rodney Dill says:

    Dean People Suck

  2. dick tuck says:

    Nice “caption” Rodney.

  3. billy kilmer says:

    “Mrs. Dill chuckles with amusement as Rodney Dill drops his pants to the cheers of the crowd.”

  4. John Lemon says:

    I do like Rodney’s comment and vote for it for first (even though I can’t vote since Joyner is restricting the franchise). Here is my entry:

    “Judith Steinberg makes her first appearance at a Dean campaign rally, quickly squashing rumors as to why she hasn’t been seen before.”

  5. Dodd says:

    “On second thought, let’s not go to Camelot. It’s a silly place.”

  6. Dodd says:

    “Oh, my! The guy with the Dean-sign grass skirt is smiling at me!”

  7. Jim says:

    Dean staffer demonstrates the official method of hiding the aluminum-foil beanie.

  8. eddie lebaron says:

    “I’d rather dress like this than sleep with Jeb Bush.”

  9. Rodney Dill says:

    Dick Tuck,

    Of course its good, Its stolen. The picture just match so well I couldn’t resist.

  10. Timmer says:

    The Queen of Fools was crowned as the revels began. She smiles at her Prince Cohort/Almost King in Waiting as he dresses down a 66 year old man for daring to address him as an equal.

  11. yossarian says:

    Arriving at the gala in a gold-bejewelled Volvo, Queen DeanJeans turns heads at the $500-per-plate soy burger barbeque fundraiser.

  12. yossarian says:

    New to the web, Marjorie misunderstands the post advertising a “Queens for Dean” rally.

  13. Rachel Edith says:

    She was discovered by one of the presidential hopeful’s friends in Iowa and brought to Vermont to be trained in tomfoolery. After learning this, she was presented to Dean as a stooge.

  14. JW says:

    In an attempt to win friends among the liberal elite of the universe, Queen Myepmyepmyepmyep of Mars pleads for the Dean campaign’s help to avert the upcoming war between her people and the Venusians.

  15. Rodney Dill says:

    “Hi I’m the DEAN greeter, Welcome to the DEAN party, We’re going to have DEAN party favors, DEAN Balloons, More DEAN Hats, DEAN Bumper Stickers, DEAN paper Plates, DEAN Napkins, Then we’re going to Get the the DEAN Speakers… We’re just going to have a DEAN-o-rific Time… Lordy I could just go on and on and on about DEAN. Gawd, I’ve always just loved Jimmy DEAN Sausage.”

  16. mark tomeo says:

    You want fries with that?

  17. Martin says:

    “Trying to get accross the message to Dean that this is what happens when one’s head explodes.”

  18. Hodink says:

    Of Dr. Dean – “Yes, yes, say what you like. I am a snooty pattotie who has as my duty to tell you he is rooty-tooty fresh ‘n fruity.”

  19. Rodney Dill says:

    …and this is my friend, Rodney, on Heroin.

    (This attempt at humor is actually a play on a serious, well-written, anti-drug add I saw on CNN this morning)

  20. Lasting Magic says:

    “So what if he doesn’t get the nomination. I’m having the time of my life.”

  21. Hermoine says:

    “You know, the Doctor and Hillary are Democrats who keep it in their pants.”

  22. You know what they say about women with Howard Dean earrings, don’t you?

    Mrs. Clark’s sh*t-eating grin clearly indicated what she was trying to do to Wes’ mind.

    “Welcome to the eighth rung of Hell Senator Thurmond.”

    “Have it your way, with Burgher Dean.”

    All the soccer moms couldn’t wait for Howard Dean to invoke ‘droit du seigneur’ after he won in Iowa.

  23. Rachel Edith says:

    “I educe a plethora of dictum of this ilk.”

  24. It’s good to be the Dean.

    Is that Moby?

    As Dr. Pangloss said, “Truly, this is the best of all possible worlds.”

  25. Reporter: “Say, you’re looking quite festive.”
    Deanie: “Why thank you.”
    Reporter: “So, what does your boyfriend think of your outfit?”
    Deanie: “He loves it, of course.”
    Reporter: “Oh really, is he here, can I talk to him?”
    Deanie: “You silly, Howard is my boyfriend — he just doesn’t know it yet.”
    Reporter: “Must … back … away … slowly.”

  26. Hodink says:

    “Promise not to tell???? I have a Dean tattoo on my rock-n-roll hoochicoo.”

  27. Rodney Dill says:


  28. DANEgerus says:

    The last Virgin in Iowa arrives to service the Bill…