Caption Contest

Time for another OTB Caption ContestTM.

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Write your caption in the comments below.

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  1. jen says:

    Not a caption:

    Trust a cat person to find the best possible cat picture and the worst possible dog picture. That dog owner should be shot.

    Except that those glasses look cool. But the rest? Bah!

  2. Jalal Abu Jarhead says:

    Oh, look! On this page is a picture of a Michael Jack(son) Russell terrier! Rawr!

  3. Mark Hasty says:

    “Mittens (L) looks over the latest script for Bravo’s new hit series, ‘Kitty Eye for the Small Dog.'”

  4. Rodney Dill says:

    Cat Witchcraft.

  5. Bill Kelly says:

    [picture on left]:

    6 week old kitten Mittens begins her studies early as, persuant to No Child Left Behind, her owner will begin testing shortly.

  6. Moe Lane says:

    He’s a superintelligent cat who has vowed to track down and expose the bootleg genehack lab that condemned him to a cruel sentience without thumbs;

    She’s a famous stripper/revolutionary/spirtualist of the pre-Castro Havana nightclub scene literally haunted by both a routine reincarnation gone horribly, horribly wrong and a secret Castro undeath squad;

    And he’s a guy who likes to wear red t-shirts.

    And together… THEY FIGHT CRIME!!!!!

  7. Joe Pseudonym says:

    This pun for the left picture is so bad that I’ve been forced to use a pseudonym, and if JJ tracks down the IP to out/ban me I will be most affronted. But here it flies:

    Democrat frontrunner John Kitty examines documents regarding Weapons of Mouse Destruction.

    I hate myself for this more than you’ll ever know.

  8. SwampWoman says:

    Whoopie Goldberg shows off her svelte new figure thanks to Ultra Slimfast.

    Blind since birth, Smokey was educated in Braille and later went on to become a leading Democratic campaign strategist.

  9. SwampWoman says:

    Yikes! I can’t believe I gave Whoopi and extra vowel.

  10. SwampWoman says:

    I give up! I obviously can’t be trusted to spell correctly after 1 a.m.

  11. Rodney Dill says:

    Two pussies.

  12. McGehee says:

    I always suspected Elton John’s dog was a metrosexual.

  13. Paul says:

    [Picture on left of cat with book]

    The executive director of the Calpundit research team pours over documents preparing another Bush AWOL post.

  14. Dodd says:

    Prof. Robert “Mittens” Brandon of the Duke University Philosophy Dept. holds forth on his contention that the reason there are more cats in academia than dogs is that “dogs are stupid.”

  15. Paul says:

    crap! I thought I had it won until Dodd came along! 😉

  16. Cassandra says:

    [picture of dog]

    Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act.

    -Truman Capote

  17. Rodney Dill says:

    There’s was a marriage made in ….
    the San Francisco City Hall

  18. While Chester learned of calculus and the stars and pondered the mysteries, FiFi learned to play the blues and developed a drug habit, pondering only the virtues of the nith life. They become almost strangers to one another … neither wanted to admit what both knew all too well … their love was lost.

  19. I can’t spell either …here’s the corrected version

    While Chester learned of calculus and the stars and pondered the mysteries of the universe, FiFi learned to play the blues and developed a drug habit, pondering only the virtues of the night life. They become almost strangers to one another … neither wanted to admit what both knew all too well … their love was lost.

  20. Rachel Edith says:

    And, on today’s Supremely Extreme Pet Makeover we have Morris The Cat and Lassie.

  21. steam-steam oh yeah says:

    the first leaked photos from the top secret files of the skull and bones society

  22. Rodney Dill says:

    For today’s Pet Match Contest ™ we take you to OutsideTheBeltway where you will be asked to identify which pet belongs to James Joyner and which belongs to Paris Hilton.

  23. steam-steam oh yeah says:

    when police found these images on evil glenns computer, the jugde had enough evidence to arrest him for puppy blending

  24. Hodink says:

    The White House
    has released photos today
    of witnesses
    who saw Bush
    in Alabama in 1972.

  25. McGehee says:

    A sneak preview of the Democrats’ 2008 presidential ticket.

  26. Cassandra says:

    In the first hopeful sign for the gay vote since the President’s support of the FMA, Carson Kressley’s dog went on the record with this shocker:

    “I wouldn’t kick President Bush out of my bed, although I do think he needs some sassy highlights.”.

  27. lj says:

    Next on the animal channel, a new reality series: the cat apprentice and kelly osbourne.

  28. Bouhaki says:

    Cat – Dean’s wife before.
    Dog – Dean’s wife during.
    Cat – Dean’s wife again.

  29. Chortle says:

    “According to this book
    you people must not marry.”

    “Kiss the bride!
    Dom Pérignon, anyone?”

  30. Rodney Dill says:

    “Good kitty, good kitty, just keep sharpening your claws on your mommy’s best seller book, good kitty. I guess that’ll teach mommy to dress Buddy II, won’t it Socks.

  31. Rodney Dill says:

    As I sit and bask in the secure knowledge of feline intellectual superiority, reading from my favorite novel, A Cat’s Revenge by Claude Bauls, I only need to look out the window to be reminded of my freakin’ weirdo, tutu wearing, canine neighbor, who goes by the name of Desmond. Desmond’s modicum of intelligence is so near imbecilic levels that he cannot even remember my name, instead he incessantly barks out “Hey You, Hey You, Hey You.” I salivate in anticipation of the day when I shall grab him by the scruff of the neck, knock those silly Paul Schaeffer glasses off his face and say, “Hey MORON, THE NAME PAVLOV RING A BELL.”

  32. Lasting Magic says:

    “I’m reading here that Ralph Nader is running again.”

    “Didn’t you hear? Bush’s people paid him to run.”