Caption Contest

Time for another OTB Caption ContestTM.

Write your caption in the comments below.
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Winners will be announced Monday.

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James Joyner
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James Joyner is Professor and Department Head of Security Studies at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm veteran. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.


  1. Rodney Dill says:

    “Elmo from local 251 inadvertantly stumbles across the Weapons of Ass Destruction.

  2. Clinton says:

    This just in: More evidence that crack kills.

  3. Dave says:

    “Seems wrong to me, but the instructions clearly show that the toilet handle goes here.”

  4. McGehee says:

    “This job bites!

  5. Midgard says:

    With her husband’s life hanging in the balance, the Queen of Brobdingnag suspects that Gulliver doesn’t know crap about CPR or tracheotomies.

  6. Moe Lane says:

    They laughed at me at university, the blind fools… but with my Giant Reagan Mecha I’ll show them all! MWAHHH-BAHHH-HAHH-HHAAAHH!!!!!

  7. “Bob Smith, IBEW Local 432, was excited when he heard he was going to get to work on a display for the Log Cabin Republicans, thinking syrup might be involved. He has come to regret agreeing to the assignment.”

  8. La Femme Crickita says:

    New ad for Coppertone in the Village Voice still a work in progress.

    “I just LOVE fresh buns.”

  9. Hodink says:

    “This floss doesn’t work worth a dang.”

  10. Pile On® says:

    Big Tex gets hip to the latest fashion craze at this years Texas State Fair….buttfloss.

  11. Rodney Dill says:

    Due to the use of unemployed Kerry/Edwards campaign workers as marketing personnel, the first Ad campaign for the Rodney Dill Pickle went over less well than anticipated.

  12. Pile On® says:

    Long suspected but never proven Big Tex’s drug problem is finally exposed during a federal sting operation when he is caught on film sniffing crack.

  13. Dee Deet says:

    “Hey!!! Mr. Behinder, sir. Clinton then Blair required heart work. Not me!”

  14. Chortle says:

    “Excuses are like asses … we’ve all got em and they all stink. Now, get up!”

  15. Rodney Dill says:

    Don’t mess with Tex, ass!

  16. Paul Anka and Rachel Edith says:

    And now, the end is near;
    And so I face the final curtain.
    My friend, I’ll say it clear,
    I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain.
    I’ve lived a life that’s full.
    I’ve traveled each and ev’ry highway;
    But more, much more than this,
    I did it my way.
    Regrets, I’ve had a few;

  17. Hermoine says:

    “Get some Beano, fella.”

  18. La Femme Crickita says:

    Pile On,
    LOL…I am HURTING with laughter. It’s over, man.
    You won.

  19. Jeff says:

    Sports-caster-turned-horny-biter Marv Albert sinks to new low by tricking “little person” tie-tack repairman, Toby Teensy, into his web of perversion.

  20. Ash Lewis says:

    I’ll show you smelly breath.

  21. Cosby says:

    Im tired of the 69. I’ll drill ya while ya toss my salad.