Caption Contest

Time for The Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

People were extremely polite (or restrained) with their captions for Jenna, but this picture may provide for some more colorful caption fodder.

Reuters/Dan Riedlhuber

Winners will be announced Tuesday sometime. There will probably not be an OTB Caption Jam this weekend. I can almost hear the collective sigh (probably of relief). I have some importantrecreational NFL playoff business to tend to.

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  1. AlphaPatriot says:

    Democrats from all over the country respond to a call for a new party mascot, bringing beloved pets to Washington as the party tries to remake their image.

  2. McGehee says:

    The legendary Manhattan cattle drives of the 1870s are still re-enacted today, much to the bemusement of daily commuters.

  3. McGehee says:

    A growing market for raw milk has led to some interesting innovations in refreshments vending.

  4. McGehee says:

    Interviewed later, Bossie said she felt much more at home at the airport, waiting to be screened at the security checkpoint.

  5. President Bush and Staff present their gift to the survivors of the tsunami. This one – a present for the Ambassador of India. Finally, no more gaffes.

  6. The cow walks the red carpet at the BBQ Awards.

  7. Jay says:

    Teresa Heinz Kerry had to be restrained and removed from further campaigning, unable to accept that her husband had lost.

  8. Hodink says:

    Paying a visit to the home of Condi Rice, Dubya Bush brings along a few of his favorite things.

  9. Roger says:

    Cowboys heading to Washington DC for the inauguration.


    Reason number one why ag shows should not be held in the city.

  10. Bithead says:

    Ya know these subways are so crowded… you feel like you’re being herded like cattle.


    And in offices throughout southern Manhattan for the remainder of the day, people were asking the question: “Do you smell something”?

  11. Maniakes says:

    I’ve heard of Urban Cowboys, but this is ridiculous.

  12. PETA = People for the Efficient Transportation of Animals

  13. Scott_T says:

    reporter: “…And the inauguration of the new rail line went smoothly, and that’s no bull, back to you Eileen.”

  14. Kenny says:

    Eet moor chickenz. Ride moor kabs.

  15. Crerar says:

    Gus and Claribelle Fornicher catch a train to start their honeymoon on the eve of Canada enacting increasing liberal marriage laws.

  16. Republicans from all over the country respond to a call for a new party mascot, bringing beloved pets to Washington as the party tries to remake their image.

  17. McGehee says:

    Confirming many people’s suspicions about the intelligence of internet trolls, the commenter calling itself “hardy har har” is seen here boarding a DC Metro train after leaving a lame and derivative caption contest entry.

  18. Chrees says:

    You’d be a “mad cow” too if you had to take public transportation all the time.

  19. Tom says:

    We finally found something that the blue state folks find offensive.

  20. Beck says:

    Recently reported sitings of Michael Moore about town proved to be a simple case of mistaken identity.

  21. Timmer says:

    “Good trade there Mr. Dowd.”

  22. Dougrc says:

    Everybody who’s anybody received a Presidential Inauguration Ball invitation this year. Elsie the Cow, the last minute replacement for Kid Rock, was just happy to get an available stall at the Ritz-Carlton.

  23. Dougrc says:

    After being released from WMATA’s Lost and Found Department, P. Tang, former Senator Daschle’s pet Charlois, eagerly climbs aboard for a free ride, at the taxpayer’s expense, to the airport. Daschle’s press secretary says that a private homecoming reception is planned in South Dakota with a few of the couple’s closest friends.

  24. Hermoine says:

    In a change of tactics, the milk lobby has eliminated those celebrity white mustaches. The new program is called “Bring Your Cow To Work Day”.

  25. Chortle says:

    For those inexperienced at cow tipping, demonstrations will be held on the Metro today. Like our mayor says, “Riding the Metro should be fun.”

  26. Ingress says:

    At the urging of Condi Rice, President Bush has released sacred cows in the Nation’s Capital to honor the Hindu religion. When asked, most people thought it was a Cristo Art Exhibit.

  27. Crerar says:

    [grammar update]Gus and Claribelle Fornicher catch a train to start their honeymoon on the eve of Canada enacting increasingly liberal marriage laws.

  28. Nothing to worry about Metro riders, young ladies like this always take the seat next to me.

  29. Farrell says:

    Fearless Michael Moore(just off camera)who is NOT afraid of the subway grows increasingly exasperated and shocks hardened New Yorkers as he finally screams: “Just get on the train,mom!!!!!!!”