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This one should be pretty open for caption opportunities

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Winners will be announced Monday PM

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  1. Eric says:

    The sequel to 28 Days Later had a surprisingly low budget.

  2. Maggie says:

    Those cold-hearted Democrats keep harping that Bush is on a “slippery slope” when it comes to reforming Social Security.

  3. Maggie says:

    The Democratic position on Social Security seems frozen in time while Bush peddles ahead by visiting several Blue State in the next few days to promote reform.

  4. The president’s views on global warming received a chilly reception among the AAFP. (American Association of Frozen People.)

  5. Russia’s Minister of Defense reviews the “troops” that Vladimir Putin has authorized for a peacekeeping mission in the Darfur region of Sudan.

  6. Everybody freeze!!! It’s a human.

    **strained Far Side reference**

  7. KJ says:

    A scene from I, Snowman, the prequel to I, Robot. Here Will Smith’s character, prejudiced to snowmen after having his left arm removed due to frostbite, drives his bicycle past the army of snowmen in an effort to get a cordless hairdryer as a weapon.

  8. spd rdr says:

    Sherman needed the work, but his courage failed him when he saw the picket line ringing the ice factory.

  9. Richard Arnone says:

    Depite Democrat carping that President Bush has surrounded himself with appointees who are “yes” men, Washington D. C. seems to be inundated with s”no”w men instead.

  10. Rachel Edith says:

    The President met with the Democratic Congressional Delegation on the White House lawn today.

  11. Beth says:

    Phil rallies the activists at the Global Warming protest.

  12. Crerar says:

    Responding to criticism from the Whitehouse, the Canadian government has initiated a program to bolster its military forces.

  13. Kent says:

    Russia celebrates Siberian Gulag Remembrance Day.

  14. T. Lung says:

    It’s easy to spot the single German among all the French snowmen : the German has arms and the French have given up theirs……..

  15. Loon says:

    No matter how far he rode and how doggedly he searched, no matter that he was wearing his lucky CIA hat, John Kerry began to realise it would be real tough to find a running mate for 2008.

  16. McGehee says:


    “Snow-EEEEEE-oh! SNOOOOOOW-oh!”

  17. McGehee says:

    In colder climates, Internet trolls — unable to use strawmen — make do with what’s available.

  18. Sadly, the Frosty family was denied entry visas.

    The Contestants lined up early in a desperate attempt to become the next Snowman Idol.

    THE BBC reported that the snowmen were stripped by American GI’s and forced to stand in the cold.

  19. Roger says:

    This is a recently unearthed photo of “voters” in Washington State.

  20. Cricket says:

    Where are Calvin and Hobbes?

  21. Scott_T says:

    #1) Patriot’s Tom Brady is not impressed when bicycling in front of the Eagle’s Offensive Line in “warmups”, or in this case, “cold downs”.

    #2) Eagle’s Donovan McNabb wonders about the new “Superbowl” Headgear while bicycling by while the Defensive Line does jumping-jacks. The new gear being provided by the NFL from a ‘special sponsor’, he fears his team is doomed.

  22. Jufray says:

    French spectators unimpressed as Lance Armstrong wins 25th straight tour.

  23. Sgt Fluffy says:

    Once again, Kerry is caught playing “Imaginary President”

  24. sligobob says:

    In an effort to replace the ugly cement Jersey Barriers now situated throughout Washington, D.C. in front of government buildings and the Mall area, city officials unveiled the first of its new seasonal variety of corporate sponsored protective barriers. For the year 2005, the Marshmallow Peeps Corporation will sponsor these “snowmen,” to be followed in the spring by an emplacement of pink and purple cement bunnies. This summer original Peeps in bird form will take over sentry duty. City officials cautioned that the barriers are not edible.

  25. Bithead says:

    I’ve gotta get that kid to a psycologist…

  26. Hodink says:

    Cristo and Jeanne-Claude bring their singular artistic touch to Los Angeles.

  27. After the GI Joe incident failed to fool people, the Iraqi insurgents tried to convinced people they had taken an entire platoon hostage.

  28. Masked Menace© says:

    At long last, Kerry’s “Foreign Leaders” are discovered to be from the North Pole.

    In the latest episode of Bill Clinton’s forgetting he’s no longer president, he has an intern gather together a crowd for his own SOTU address.

  29. Masked Menace© says:

    Sorry Sgt Fluffy, didn’t read all the posts first.

  30. David Pinto says:

    Snowmen show bike-pedestrian support.

  31. dougrc says:

    Which of youse guys moved the bike rack? Hey, don’t ignore me!!!

  32. Tired of building strawmen – the Democrats build snowmen.

    Choreographing the Snowy Awards Proved more challenging than originally expected.

  33. Purple Raider says:

    Senator Kerry is again faced with the frozen tundra of Lambert Field.

  34. KipEsquire says:

    Movie critics remarked that the budget reduction for the Fox Ice Age sequel “The Day After the Day After Tomorrow” is readily apparent…

  35. Emily says:

    San Francisco protestors line the street, seemingly oblivious to the irony of their previous rallying cry that “Bush will win when hell freezes over!”

  36. The Doctor says:

    Suddenly, a barrage of snowballs came out of nowhere, knocking Vladamir off his bike.

  37. Jufray says:

    Watch out where the snowmen go…
    and don’t you eat no yellow snow.

  38. Plutos Dad says:

    Now they will feel the wrath of Dr. Yuki! And to think they laughed at my me! Snow army, attack!

  39. McTrip says:

    Astride his cycle of violence, the ghost of Yasser Arafat confronted “his” 72 virgins and reflected upon how he had never questioned the Koranic small print on the matter of temperature.

  40. OneDrummer says:

    Locked out NHL players wait in line at the unemployment office recently…

  41. sharon S says:

    And they said white was out after labor day

  42. sn5054 says:

    Pick me! Pick me!