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Time for the Thursday OTB Caption ContestTM

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Winners will be announced Monday PM

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Rodney Dill
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Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. Brian J. says:

    George W. Bush is amused that the others invited him to pull their fingers, but later would realize they thought their European dipomatic easnestness would compel him to fall for it.

  2. Maggie says:

    “Been there”….”Done that.”


    “Le problem est tu!”
    “Mais non, c’est tu!”
    The President happily awaits translation, glad that finally no one was pointing the finger at him.


    “But he’s been to the ranch.”
    “Yep, and he’s never been to the ranch.”
    The President thinking “Never will, either.”

  3. In Europe, they call it “Push my finger.”

  4. Jon Henke says:

    “This Intelligence stuff is easy”, Bush thought, “just pull Chirac’s finger, and I can finally find out what happened to Saddams biological weapons. How could it possibly go wrong?” And yet, it did go wrong.

    On the bright side, however, Jacque Chirac won 20 Euros off every other member of the EU.

    BUSH: “Look, Jacques, you’re French. I don’t *need* to pull your finger to smell you.”

  5. richmac says:

    President Bush, witnessed first hand today, when asked by a reporter, “who didn’t lift a finger to help us in Iraq?”

  6. “No, he’s more of a capitalist.”
    “No, HE’S more of a capitalist.”

  7. “Who da man?”

    “You da man!”

    “No, YOU da man!”

  8. The Man says:

    I’m With Stupid

  9. DaveD says:

    Bush judges the final round of the first annual European Union’s “How I Take Responsibility” contest.

  10. wavemaker says:

    Principals of The New World Order re-enact Michaelangelo’s “Creation of Adam.”

  11. McTrip says:

    Chirac and Juncker demonstrate the new-wave minimalist 21st century French way of surrendering to a mightier foe before any acts of violence.

  12. McTrip says:

    Even when asking a simple question [“who cut the cheese?”] President Bush finds the subtle display of European nuance to be elementally Kerryesque.

  13. Scott_T says:

    Once again Bush was very comfortable with the fact that he didn’t have to point fingers at others for his decisions, having been proven correct yet again.

    (notice the shit-eating grin on his face).

  14. McTrip says:

    Both were too modest to take credit for inventing the model upon which the Canadian “Adscam” fraud was based.

  15. Loon says:

    It was at that precise moment that the president realised that neither of them had any notion of how a light sabre should be operated.

  16. Duffer says:

    Old Europe : where proctologists are ambidextrous and latex gloves are in short supply. Be very afraid !

  17. McGehee says:

    “You called him Hitler? What a coincidence!”
    “And you ‘ave called ‘im ‘Itler as well! Tres magnifique!
    “Both o’ you yahoos are about to git yer a**es handed to ya, ya know that?”

  18. Crerar says:

    Which one of you boys wants to commit troops to Iraq?

  19. Monseir Darth Bush. Nous sommes les Jedi, here to vanquish vous avec notre finger sabres.

    (And you said the EU military is weak. Pas du tout!)

  20. Greg Dwyer says:

    Over cries of “You take him!” from both teams, George W. Bush decided he would skip next year’s UN Kickball Tournament.

  21. OJ says:

    “What the Fuck?”, thought Bush – as both men asked if he had brought Tweetie!

  22. Silicon Valley Jim says:

    These French fellas are takin’ a while to get the hang of rock-paper-scissors.

  23. kaos says:

    Both you guys are idiots, there is no ONE finger in Rock Paper Scissors.

  24. Sgt Fluffy says:

    Dangit….No one can top Kaos

  25. TeaFizz says:

    “Alright y’all…

    first one to touch my right nipple gets foreign aid…

    Damn, Jacque, you’re right on the money!”

  26. Red Sox Rob says:

    “Geez, neither one of you knows how to play rock, paper, scissors?”

  27. Reggie Van Pelton says:

    Did you want the Severina Vuckovic Bootleg CD ?! It could of interest , by an Vintage ,of , Bridget Bardot racy postcard ?! How about Star Jones posing in Playboy ?! Do I get my ,Illona Staller Doll , with my Rubber Ducky thrown in ?!

  28. JUNCKER: Sacre bleu! President Chirac, you are overdressed! Also le president Americain!

    CHIRAC: Didn’t you get the memo? The memo clearly said to wear a necktie! You are le embarrassment!

    BUCH (smirkingly thinking): Chirac, you dope, the memo said to wear a blue necktie. Man, you’re dumber than a Texas fencepost.

  29. Bithead says:




    “Pomme de terre!!!”

    “Look, you two, let’s just call the whole thing off, OK?”

  30. Ingress says:

    “There is a new form of Rock, Paper, Scissors called Point Or Point Pas. A feisty good-natured argument usually settles the matter.”

  31. J’ACCUSE!!!!

  32. Rachel Edith says:

    All along the POTUS knew exactly who had broken wind.