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charles austin is also giving it another go.

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  1. Matt says:

    Thousands of Vikings march on NFL Headquarters in protest of Minnesota’s use of that gay shade of purple. No injuries or arrests were reported, but Mr. Olaf Svenson, 53, of Fond du Lac, WI, did suffer a painful hangnail.

  2. Giacomo says:

    “Dammit! He’s got a Capital One Card. Let’s go home, boys.”

  3. Moe Lane says:

    Hi. We’re here to go all medieval on your asses.

  4. “Capitalizing on the recent Islam Cartoon Protest, Mel Gibson yells ‘action’ during his made for TV drama on the prophet Muhammad.”

  5. Maggie says:

    Marvel Comics threw a blazing bash for the release of its newest comic book, “Mohammed, Muslimman”.

  6. T. Harris says:

    The crazed Moonbat Horde assembles to protest, oh, something.

  7. Eric J says:

    Denmark reacts to cartoons published in Syria.

  8. DaveD says:

    The DNC spin machine showed Americans what life in the United States would be like under George Bush’s proposed budget cuts.

  9. Cowboy Blob says:

    When the answer to the cry, “What’s in YOUR wallet?!” was a crudely drawn cartoon of Thor and Loki in a Brokeback Mountain-esque intimate pose, pandemonium ensued.

  10. LJD says:

    Although the Danish response to ‘protest the protests’ appeared violent, the only things killed were lamb and the beer keg.

  11. LJD says:

    To the shock of Muslims everywhere, the Danes don’t realize it is blasphemous to speak of another man’s wallet.

  12. Lindy R. Dole says:

    “Is that Mjollnir in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

  13. Steeler Fans Still Celebrating!

  14. Hoodlumman says:

    When Giermund would go to Burger King, it was always a huge ordeal.

  15. Bithead says:

    * The new commercial for Bryggerigruppen beer was impressive.

    * I’ll bet THESE boys know how to party….

    * How the Danish would have responded to Muslim threats just a few years ago

    * It is reported that the mob was demanding the resignation of Howard Dean, and an end to violence.

    * Peter Jackson’s effort at making the never- released Monty Python movie “Erik the Viking”

  16. Fersboo says:

    Cindy Sheehan (middle) leads another crowd of protesters in Crawford, demanding that President Bush remove the troops occupying New Orleans.

  17. Maggie says:

    Pat Robertson and his radical throng took to the streets upon learning that the “i” in ipod stood for Islam.

  18. Jonk says:

    Buliwyf the Dane: “No, we are not in the least bit annoyed by your cartoons.”

  19. DaveD says:

    Archival photograph of protesters cheering Ted Kennedy as he enters the Capitol for the third day of questioning during the Alito confirmation hearings.

  20. Kent says:

    Danes protest the cartoon depiction of Hagar the Horrible.

  21. yetanotherjohn says:

    In an effort to improve its public image on defense, the democratic party conducted a viking funeral for Sen. Joe Lieberman despite cries from Sen. Lieberman of “I’m not dead yet”.

  22. McGehee says:

    “Let’s Ragnarok and roll!”

  23. Scott_T says:

    A scene cut from Conan the Destroyer.

    Conan speaking in that Austria accent. “Ah, this is what it is all about, the pilliging of villages, the slaughter of women and children and raping of the livestock! This is what Krom lives for…”

    Director. “CUT! Arnold that’s raping of the women and killing the livestock.”

    Arnold “Ah, my bad, lets do it again.”

  24. ken says:

    “Why is it the only thing buried at a Democratic rally/funeral is our dignity?”

  25. Bithead says:

    OK, guys… this time remember… it’s rape THEN pillage….rape THEN pillage…. got it?

  26. Hermoine says:

    Jose Feliciano showed up at the Grammy Awards with a burning rendition of Light My Fire.

  27. sgtfluffy says:

    Burn the Witch, Burn the Witch, Cleanse the Earth with fire…..

  28. Disco inferno.

    Just another day in Mohammad Atta’s neighborhood as Gulbuth the Rampant approaches.

    The citizens of Detroit celebrate the Steelers Super Bowl victory in their traditional fashion.

    “They won’t shut us out of the Grammy’s next year,” Ragnar chuckled to himself.

  29. Bithead says:

    * OK, everybody SING!!! Odin loves the little Vikings \ All the Vikings of the world…..

    * Viking Philharmonic Orchestra, which has the world’s largest horn section

    * Spam spam spam spam lovely spam wonderful spam!

    * No! No! It’s rape cattle, pillage women, burn village, Oh, bloody hell…try it again!!!

    * Christopher Robin found that there was a new force to be dealt with in the hundred acre wood.

    * The document security department at the Democratic National Committee building.

    * The rather bizarre remake of “chariots of fire”.

  30. Elmo says:

    Daily Kos’ annual gathering known as the Empty Cranium Clatter, comes to order. Beginning with the frothing at the mouth, followed by the ritual closing of minds. Concluding of course with the now famous organic marshmallow roast (changed from year’s past tofu weenie roast, seen by some as being sexist).

  31. Kent says:

    Ready? … OK …

    Kill, kill,
    Hate, hate,
    Murder, murder,
    Gooooo team!!

  32. Anybody got a light?

  33. Alex Estrada says:

    Inspired by recent events, Vikings everywhere responded to the Sunday edition of “Hagar the Horrible.”

  34. Tonight in Battle of the Bands: Wotan Clan challenges last week’s winner Wu-Tang Clan.

  35. Prosecutors in the pending trial of Daunte Culpepper, Bryant McKinnie, Fred Smoot and Moe Williams for their exploits last October on Lake Minnetonka have leaked these pictures said to be taken by the frightened crew.

  36. Rachel Edith says:

    President Bush’s call for the United States to end its dependence on Middle East oil has become “the topic of the hour” for men in the street in Saudi Arabia.

  37. Scott_T says:


    “It’s a jump to the left
    And then a step to the right!
    With your hands on your hips –
    You bring your knees in tight!
    But it’s the pelvic thrust
    that really drives you insane
    Let’s do the Fjord Warp again!”

    A tear-inducing (or bile-curddling) rendition from the Ulric Horror Picture Show.

  38. Timmer says:

    * Okay, got the Viking thing going, got the dwarf, got some fire, all we need are some musical instruments and a video on iTunes.

    * Ted Rall finally goes too far.

  39. McCain says:

    The non-chocolates come for Mayor Ray Nagin.

  40. Ingress says:

    The President regrets two things. Innviting the infidels to dinner and then saying they should burn in hell.

  41. DaveD says:

    With sponsorship funds lower than expected, the opening ceremonies of the Turin Olympics were not as high tech as originally planned.

  42. “So you don’t like our cartoons, eh?”

  43. FreakyBoy says:

    After encountering the Medieval Times picket line, the Wilsons turned the Chevy around and went to Chuckie Cheese.