Caption Contest Winners

The All Dogs Go To Heaven Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

(AFP/Osservatore Romano/File/Arturo Mari)


First: MattBlessed are the pee-makers…

Second: charles austinSon of man’s best friend.

Third:(tie) Michael Demmons“Oh, hell. I give up!!! Do you, Steve, take Rover to be your lawfully…”

Third:(tie) AdjustahThis new Pope’r Scooper is awesome!

Honorable Mention:

Scott_T – Why yes Pooches I *DO* have a Koran for you to use, why do you ask?

DaveD – The Pope greets the resupply convoy arriving just in time for today’s Eucharist.

SgtFluffySgt Stadanko’s new drug dog took quite quite an interest in his Holiness

yetanotherjohnExcuse me your holiness, but its the name of the breed, they weren’t canonized.

Caliban DarklockIn the wake of the recent molestation controversy, few noticed the church’s quiet handling of a scandalous leg-humping incident.

radio free fred – “There Ain’t No Stinkin Dogma In The Catholic Church.”

charles austinBlessed are the Purina, in spirit.

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

Dog is my co-pilot

“There’s my Dogson… Dogdaughter… and Dogpa… and here at last is my Dogma.”

Naturally the Holy See had to consider that David Berkowitz was just a dyslexic holy man.

“I understand, my personal assistant has a little leghound in him too, if ya know what I mean.”

The has already found new methods to sneak across the border..

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Riding Sun is already taking preventative measures.

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  1. Adjustah says:

    Cheers Rodney!