Caption Contest Winners

The Bush Cassidy Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



First: Gilly – Kid driving by: “Wow! Hey Mom, Dad, look, look! Horses!”

Second: MaggieBorder? I can’t find the stinking border. Sh-t, when’s Congress gonna put up my fence?

Third: Ingress – “You say Cheney shot somebody again? On purpose? Condi??? Well, in these parts a desperado would head for the hideout over yonder.”

Honorable Mention:

spacemonkeyBush in brush with fuzz

radio free fred – “You Canadian Mounties, Sure Are Doing A Good Job.”

Gilly – Agent w/sunglasses: “Dangit! Now where did I leave my pistol this time?”

Jeff“Yes, I know your job is getting tough, but really it is illegal for you to come into Mexico without doing it properly.”

Alan Kellog“I pump your hand and the horse does what?!”

DaveD – “Thanks Sheriff for gettin’ me around that Sheehan property. I can walk the rest of the way from here.”

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

“Jees, Mr. President, y’all’r much taller than I expected.”

Dubya: “I’d just like ta thank y’all for fixing this part of the levee system so quickly. Dry as a bone on both sides.”

“I’m pulling your cork, cappity”

“The sheriffs a wha….?”

The The Thursday contest already has a nice healthy radioactive Glow.

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