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The Nucular Finger Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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First: GollumAnd the second good reason I have for invading Iran is . . .

Second: yetanotherjohnThe president articulated the number of times the MSM have been helpful in the war on terror.

Third: Charlie SummersAt a press conference today, the President emphatically notes the number of planets remaining after the recent cutbacks.

Honorable Mention:

Ingress – “You heard me use the ‘S’ word with Tony that one time. One sh*ttin’ time!”

ElmoThe President reveals the results of the latest international study, to quantify the true number of moderate Muslims.

Maggie“Up yours, Helen.”

LorgSkyegon – I’d like to wish Bill Clinton a happy 60th birthday. I’d also like to warn him about his next physical.

The PirateIn an attempt to satisfy the White House Press Corps, President Bush provides every detail from his last physical.

charles austin“My chief weapon is surprise. Surprise, and a fanatical devotion to freedom – two! My two chief weapons are surprise, a fanatical devotion to freedom and the complete lunacy of my political opponents – three! My three chief weapons are surprise, a fanatical devotion to freedom and the compete lunacy of my political opponents. KARdinaL Rove, fetch hither the comfy, smug liberal…”

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

All your finger are belong to us

Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Finger

“Mr. President. How many times have you been shot by Dick Cheney?”

The W-House

The Monday contest doesn’t include batteries.

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Riding Sun is a little punch drunk.

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