Caption Contest Winners

The The Dogma ate my Homework Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

(AFP/Pierre-Philippe Marcou)

The Winners:

First: FormerHostage – A reporter for VNN (Vatican News Network) interviews Chris Matthews.

Second: McGeheeAlthough Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith declined to appear in the third Men in Black movie, producers did manage to maintain continuity with the first two films.

Third: Steven L. – As the seasons progressed, critics charged that American Idol had lowered its standards yet again.

Honorable Mention:

MarkThe future Pope Benedict XVII blesses UGA VI.

MaggieEven the good Father couldn’t exorcize the demons in PETA.

Caliban Darklock – For luck in the election, Hillary decided to get herself blessed.

GollumSeeing Buster’s reaction, Claude began to wonder about all those afternoon “visits” the priest had requested when Buster was just a pup.

elliot – Mark was just following the veterinarians orders, but she didn’t know the difference between ‘exercise’ and ‘exorcise’

charles austinWho let the dogma out? Who? Who? Who?

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

The bulldog was wary and knew what to expect after “Piesu Domine, Dona Es Requiem…”

“No, I think your doctor meant you should exercise your dog.”

The Great Karnak’s prognostications

A: &#9835UGA Chakra, UGA Chakra UGA UGA UGA Chakra…&#9835
Q: “How do you bless the spiritual energy of the University of Georgia Athletic Department?”

A: &#9835UGA Shaka, UGA Shaka UGA UGA UGA Shaka…&#9835
Q: “How do you bless a University of Georgia fan about to go surfing?”

The Thursday Contest is already standing at attention.

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