Caption Contest Winners

The Fez Pez Dispenser Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

(AP Photo/Kevin Frayer)

The Winners:

First: yetanotherjohnI’m telling you Aaron, something isn’t kosher about those two.

Second: McGeheeAfter their case was laughed out of court, the plaintiffs in Fat Clowns v. Coulter vow to continue their fight against unkind language.

Third: charles austinWe’re not really mohels, but we did a birthday party at a Holiday Inn in Crown Heights last night.

Honorable Mention:

BitheadWith the addition of these two, Al Gore is no longer two clowns short of a circus.

BitheadNow where did we park the car?

markm – Two members of Insane Clown Posse (I.C.P)converted this week. Asked why, they answered, “We wanted to be in Adam Sandlers ‘Thanksgiving’ song.”

TimmerNext on “The View”…

FormerHostage – Embarrassing clown moment #14: two clowns showing up at a party in the same outfit.

TerrenceThe Bar Mitzvah became uncomfortable when the clowns were invited to read from the Torah.

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

The demise of Captain America lead to some rather disturbing superheroes, including Moyhel Man and Puffo the flatuent clown (with sidekick).

Matzoh, Matzoh Man, I want to be a Matzoh man…

“…if I could walk that way I wouldn’t need Talcum powder.”

The Monday Contest has yet another clown picture.

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