Caption Contest Winners

The Funky Tut Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

(Jason Reed/Reuters)

The Winners:

First: Hermoine – His magical incantation produced a little head, which was exactly what he had asked for, only, well …

Second: charles austin“These aren’t the indictments you’re looking for.”

Third: ken wilkinson – “The puppet show lacked humour.”

Honorable Mention:

physics geek“Observe: at no time do the fingers ever leave the hand.”

GollumRove: “No, seriously, it’s funnier when I’m wearing a grass skirt and a coconut bra.”

yetanotherjohnDespite blatant pandering to the judges, Karl Rove failed to make Out magazine’s list of the 50 most powerful gay men and women of America.

FormerHostage – Walk like an Egyptian…

Steven L. – SLEEP! SLEEP! When you awaken, you will vote REpublican and remember nothing of this. and you will cluck like a chicken.

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

As Rove made the rabbit appear, Jimmy Carter disappeared.

“…and awaaaay we go.!”

AFter the passing of Elwood, The Blues Brothers was no longer the crowd pleaser it had once been.

Top Ten Magic Spells Karl Has Been Trying to Perfect
10. Make Hillary’s butt fat.
9. Make Rosie sound like a raving lunatic.
8. Cancel out Global Warming with random cold snaps.
7. Make Pelosi’s face taut.
6. Take the ‘ic’ out of the Democrat Party.
5. Make Ted Kennedy drive off a bridge.
4. Shift all blame to Rummy.
3. Make Dubya articulate ‘nuclear’ as ‘nucular.’
2. Keep Sanjaya on American Idol
and the number 1 spell Karl Has Been Trying to Perfect
1. Make Hermione Granger his sex slave

The Thursday Contest has already eaten Green Eggs and Ham.

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