Caption Contest Winners

The Cowabundant Dude Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.


The Winners:

First: fustianHillary in the midst of rethinking her position on gun control…

Second: BitheadHillary at the book signing for her second book: “It Takes a Village to Satisfy My Husband”

Third: Steven Taylor – Where’s M, C and A?

Honorable Mention:

FormerHostage – In an effort to generate excitement in her candidacy, Hillary starts doing the wave before she begins her speeches.

dennisEverybody now! OHWA….TAYGOO….SIAM…SIAM!

TheHat – Red Sea …. PART NOW!

charles austin“Kobe, I’m open!”

Taclead – Hillary does her best Monica Lewinski impression.

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

Hillary finds herself a modern day Sisyphus, pushing her husband’s legacy in front of her.

Odious Day and the Blights make you wanna Shout

Simon Cowell: “That was simply horrendous.”

The Monday Contest has an early release program of its own.

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