Caption Contest Winners

The Ignorance Is Bliss Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



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The Winners:

First: yetanotherjohn – Listen I’m articulate and bright and clean. I don’t need your advice.

Second: Dave schulerPassing the torch of incoherence to a new generation of senators.

Third: John425 – Obama: Can you ask Teresa about another case of Ketchup?

Honorable Mention:

DeathlokKerry: “A word of advise, steer clear of things like, say . . ., this microphone.”

Scott_T – Kerry: “My 1st advice to you, never make fun of the troop’s intelligence, and 2nd, don’t go to NASA and get in a clean suit.”

elliot – Obama: Touch my water, honky, and I’ll mess your hair up.

charles austin“Ginger or Mary Anne?”

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

Kerry: “Just remember Obama, Bill was the first one.”

Listen I’m articulate and bright and clean, unlike the Senior Senator from Massachusetts. I don’t need your advice.

“So are those Secret Service Agents real pushy?”

The donkeyinwell Monday Contest is in another fine mess.

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