Caption Contest Winners

The Snow Job Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

(Photo by Larry Downing/Reuters)

The Winners

First: Caliban DarklockI am proud to welcome President Uribe, whose country’s fine products I enjoyed for many years… hold on, my PR guy’s waving at me.

Second: the Pirate“Wait, so you’re saying I’m a minority now?”

Third: The ManI prefer the “bro” while Cheney likes the “Man-zier”.

Honorable Mention:

Eric J.“No, Helen, I have not grown man-boobs.”

Maggie – President Bush, in a brave display of his bi-lingual diplomacy, welcomed the President of Columbia to Crawford, saying: “Mi ranch-o es su ranch-o.”

LJD – I am indeed excited to have our special guest here today. In fact, I think my nipples are getting hard.

legion – “This new immigration bill will lift and separate illegal foreigners from our shores.”

Ingress – “Ok, so I used the term ‘womanize’ wrongly. And I did think it meant, well you know.”

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

“Uh Mr. President, when the reporter said ‘succulent’ he meant the cacti.”

“Ever since I got in touch with my feminine side, I’ve been touching it all the time”

“When I said ‘bro’ I din’t mean Jeb.”

“I bet you’re glad to be here in Crawford, in the warm weather, I hear you have a problem with snow in Columbia.”

The Monday contest has already started.

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