Caption Contest Winners

The Domedairy Farmer Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



(AP Photo/Sundance Film Festival)


First: John BurgessHow high are oil prices going?

Second: KennyHey… what happened to that fence? And why are those people rushing this way?

Third: DL – That damned pyramid is around here somwhere -wait till I get Sahib for selling me a fake map.


William d’Inger – That’s the last time we did any real work. Since then, we’ve lived off tourist dollars.

radio free fred – “I’d Walk A Mile For A Camel.” (But Even Farther For A Good Hump.)

Tlaloc – Where exactly is that camel’s hump?

BitheadMethods of getting to “Burning Man” tended to get more bizzare as time went on.

GOP and CollegeDamnit! I’ve been looking in this sand trap for years for that ball!

charles austin“What hump?”


A horse built by committee.

“What’s the Cheopest way to travel to Cairo?”

“What you mean one hump? I’ve humped my camel many times.”

Ron Paul campaign reaches high gear

The malkhumb Monday Contest has already deployed countermeasures to Ron Paul’s blimp.

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  1. Thanks for the H. M…..Rodney…..Tuff Picture To Caption….

  2. Elmo says:

    Ruuuudy …… Ruuuudy ….. where did you go? Where are you?