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The Misogynists Anonymous Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



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First: ElmoRev. Wright’s new neighbors welcome him to the hood.

Second: Gollum You know this isn’t in America because there are no guns.

Third: HoodlummanIt was just an old wife’s tale that drinking large quantities of beer was a cure for having four nipples.


elliot – John, I know Frank here wants to drop out of the election. Please, for Gods sake, don’t let him throw in the towel.

Reader“What does ‘Not Potable’ mean?”

Maggie Mama – Some scientists are still trying to prove global warming.

chsw – Another day on the Clinton campaign bus in PA.

brainy435 – In other news, CNN reporters sought out typical Pennsylvanians to ask about Barak Obama’s latest speech.

ElmoIt’s noon somewhere!


What Cheney really saw in his sunglasses.

When rednecks take HHGTTG to heart

Senator Clinton introduces the Hillarambler.

“Boys get my gun, I’m goin to church with Senator Clinton.

“Give her another shot, I don’t think Hillary’s loosened up enough yet.”

The guntoterMonday Contest is already losing its temperance.

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