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The Herd Mentality Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.





First: FormerHostage – More ass than a Paris Hilton sleep-over.

Second: markm – While filming for the latest episode of “Wild Kingdom”, Jim Fowler obtained this amazing and rare shot of what appears to be a herd of superdelegates.

Third: GollumSupporters mistook Obama’s pledge to return the party to the grand days of Eeyore.


yetanotherjohn – The trendiest thing today is to go to an Obama rally and get a little ass.

DaveD – Despite Hillary’s impressive showing in the PA primary, the superdelegates still seem to overwhelmingly favor Obama.

Stormy DragonYou may think they’re Democrats, but they’re not–there’s a lot of asses in both parties.

john425 – We’ve got ’em cornered and now it’s time for a little grab-ass.

BitheadGee, Jackie.. just think; It it wasn’t for the fact that nobody could draw a decent leech, we’d not be the symbol of a party.

BitheadDonkeyote: an idealistic ass that howls at windmills and tilts at the moon… or something.


It has been noted that most Superdelegates exceed the maximum Federal Lead Level Content guidelines.

“Who’s givin’ the donkey note speech at the convention?”

Bill and Hillary enter on the scene from the left.

Karl Marx denigrates the electorate of Them asses.

Eventually even the monkeys had to capitulate that the asses were the masters of feces flinging.

“Ass me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies”

Just one short of Assinine

The scubadogMonday Contest is already countering Firedog.

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