Caption Contest Winners

The Fruit Loops Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



(AFP/File/Dieter Nagl)


First: Cowboy Blob
Nobody knows
where my zucchini has been
Nobody knows but Jesus
Nobody knows
where my zucchini has been
but I can smell the tuna….

Second: MikeM – Not to be outdone, the San Francisco Arts Commission announced they would launch an “All-California Fruits and Nuts Orchestra”.

Third: DL – The concert for the vegan hearing impaired was a silent success.


charles austinWell, there were four of us but then arugula prices just went through the roof.

BitheadThe one on the right works for MI6, and is licensed to dill.

elliot – Obviously they never heard the term… Don’t play with your food”

John425 – Hey you- with the cucumber! Do you know where that was last night?

FormerHostage – You don’t EVEN want to know what they played before they went vegan!

John BurgessBeans, the other ‘musical fruit’, couldn’t get its PR budget in line.


She won’t blow you gourd, but she will succatash.

“OK, which one is Juilliard Child”

Eclectic Blight orchestra

Aren’t Fruits and Vegetables at the bottom of the food pyramid?

The handshakeMonday Contest is ready to indian wrestle.

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