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The Thus Spake Zarathustra Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.



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First: Stormy DragonPhase 2 of Hulu’s evil plan to destroy the world begins on schedule.

Second: bystander – Sesame Street unveils their new delivery system. It is reported that it is now able to reach Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

Third: ElmoA lil sumtin to calm my nerves? Sure …. Thanks. Leave the bottle.


charles austin“Houston, we have a problem. We appear to have lost one test-tickle.”

markm – Futuristic Elmo visits the Hockey Hall of Fame to view Lord Stanley’s Cup…in the future.

G.A.Phillips – Scared shitless Elmo?

BitheadDo you like my new space ship? Kermit made it. Uh huh! He riveted alllll over it!

hpb always thought it was Little Green Men.

Hodink – “Uh, please take me to your Leader.”


“Well then just what did you mean Perez Hilton, when you said I would get to see Uranus?”

Dennis Kucinich prepares to depart for the mother ship.

NASA aggressively pursues their new mission to deploy the Teleprompt-O-Matic 10000

Overcompensation for something

The shovelreadyMonday Contest is already in a hole, and is digging faster…

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  1. elliot says:

    Sure! I could fly this thing but I would need a hand.

    (Thought of it this the last minute..sent just for fun)

  2. Thanks for the hm ROD-ney.