Caption Contest Winners

The General McAuliffe Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.


(AFP/HO/File/Melissa Brandts)


First: Furhead – Who cropped my nuts out of the picture?

Second: Don L – I said I knew Bambi, not Obama?

Third: peterh – With all the money I made from Geico, I bought me an entourage….


Deathlok – “Dude, you said you got a great beaver shot on vacation. . . .IT’S NOT EVEN A BEAVER!”

Kevin R. SiekierskiDammit, how did those two get into the shot?

Stormy DragonCamera Groundhog

Mr. Prosser – The best part is, while I stand here looking cute my wife just stole their boat.

mpw280 – I can’t believe I snuck to the front of the line at the clinic, lucky me.

FormerHostage – Because it was his camera, Bullwinkle was rarely in any of the vacation shots.


“I don’t beleef dey exist.”

“…and now for something you’ll really like.”

…when the subject discovers that the captioners are nuts.

“…still don’t believe reincarnation?”
“No, I thinks its just a really fat squirrel with a glandular problem.”
“…but it smells of Chivas.”
“I still don’t think its Teddy…”
“…it did drive our Olds 88 into the lake.”
“Well… there is that.”

The tomatinaMonday Contest has already yelled, ‘SERENITY NOW!!!’

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