Caption Contest Winners

The Big Red One Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.


(AP Photo/Mahesh Kumar A.)


First: Michael Hamm – Beware of a prick in Sheep Skin clothing.

Second: floyd – Sounds of the “Fifth Demention” (sic) waft through the Air asking “Would you like to ride on my beautiful Ballooooon? Ballooon!

Third: FormerHostage – BBC Reporter: It looks like he stumbled…oh, now he’s fallen. He’s rolling over, knocking women down. Some are screaming, trying to get out of the way. Oh! The humanity!”


yetanotherjohn – Another American doing a job foreigners won’t do … gee this recession sucks.

Hodink – Sex And Politics – Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Roger McGaugh – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad greets his harem.

Phil Smith – “I’m sorry if my mustache tickles.”

John425 – Indian women look on adoringly at the new American condom size “Medium”.

Maggie Mama – India displays their newest parade balloon, “The American President,” absolute proof that Obama is truly loved around the world.

Jeremy from We Took The BaitThe Sulekha Condom’s new marketing strategy was judged to be somewhere between 86 and 98 percent effective.


One size fits all… and we mean all.

Latest style in Burqa’s

He’s taller? Looks like Rahm got into the Viagra again.

University of South Carolina’s new mascot.

The unclehussein1Thursday Contest gets to the point.

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