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The Oh! The Humanity! Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.


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First: Michael Hamm – Obama Care is one damned big pill for the American public to swallow.

Second: Robert W. ArmijoAs the Gulf oil spill saga continues, the White House can’t put the final touches on its BP executive probe fast enough.

Third: Doug MataconisDue to budget cuts, the next generation Space Shuttle leaves out such expensive items as wings, or an engine.


charles austinUh, ok, now how do we get it through the door?

Jim Recznik – Big Pharmacies next great idea. Your lifetimes medicine in one easy to swallow pill!

physics geekThe solution to the oil spill: the iTampon.

John BurgessObama Reform Condom gets final test… BOHICA

Boyd – explain to me again why Alabama needs a suppository?

Roger McGaugh – “Sir, Barney Frank is requesting another private inspection, what should I tell him?”


“Thanks for letting us use it to plug the leak, Hillary,… but how many D-cells does is use?”

DRUDGEBREAKING: Air Force doesn’t have plane big enough for latest bunker buster bomb. Developing…

maybe we should’ve used a wooden badger instead

Obama prepares his campaign blimp — Looming Bunion 1 — for 2012.

The eastereggsMonday Contest thinks life is a beach.

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