Caption Contest Winners

The Drill Baby, Drill Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.


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First(tie): Rachel Edith – “Go in the ocean, Ted. It won’t be the worst thing there.”

First(tie): john personna – Man, but I’m so glad I’m not the Red Shirt.

Second: Roger McGaugh – Arizonians without proper ID move to the Gulf for better jobs.

Third: John425 – Oil spill cleanup arrives just in time for “stimulus” jobs to be saved.


charles austinGoodness gracious, great balls of tar.

D. Dean – Illegal aliens’ newest ploy to enter the country.

physics geek“Gonna need a bigger bag.”

Maggie Mama – Memorial Day, 2010: Obama took off for Chicago leaving members of his Administration to clean up after him.

Tim – “Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be here somewhere.”

Michael Hamm – Quick, come when the pickin is still good. Free heating oil for all Katrina refugees.

G.A.Phillips – 3 democrats stand around while the republican does all the work?

Robert W. ArmijoBack on the Dick Cheney Gang.


Worst.Whitehouse.Easter Egg Hunt.Ever.

BP Exec Solution: “Hey if we just kick sand over it, it’s gone.”

“Oh look, a little white rubber stopper on a chain… Now what would that go to?”

“…and look who’s always stuck on pooper scooper duty everytime they release that damn Kraken.”

The highwaterpantsThursday Contest is headed out of town.

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  1. Woo hoo. Thanks for HM, RD.