CAPTION CONTEST WINNERS: Well, there weren’t many entrants in the contests. But we can delay no longer. The winners are:

Jack Straw and Dominique de Villepin:

1st John Lemon with “And so I thought, do I hit Villepinhead with the left hand or the right. The right one won out.”

2nd, PoliBlogger with “…and then one use one’s hand to pick up a gun, and with said gun one forces ruthless dictators to behave. Imagine the trouble you French could have avoided had you understood this basic principle..” and

3rd, Brent with “Get this. . ,they’re calling them freedom fries now! Can you believe it? I mean, we never wanted to take that much credit for those things anyway. . .”

Karl Lagerfeld:

1st April with “He’s no Tommy Lee Jones (strains of Men In Black theme in background)…”

2nd PoliBlogger with “To be honest, the photo stuns me into silence.” and

3rd MoronWatch with “It looks like his tie would double as a billyclub.”

Thanks to all the entrants for participating.

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