CAPTION CONTEST WINNERS: Monday’s contest has ended.

Courtesy SMH

The winners:

1st John Lemon with “Hah! We Turks don’t need your stinkin’ US cash. I have $1.12 right here in my pocket!”

2nd Comrade with “I’d like to our brother Hussien for all the wonderfull things he has done to help my family at this time of need. This money will go to the education and training of my dear remaining son until he, Inshalla, joins his brother at the side of the most holy martyrs of Islam.”

3rd April with “In the face of an American invasion, the Iraqis prepare to welcome the American soldiers with gifts. Some display amazing creativity, using the nation’s soon to be worth more as toilet paper currency for origami… ‘Come, my children, we have much work to do to fold ten thousand tiny doves.'”

I would note, however, that “caption” usually denotes something short and pithy. They are seldom mini-plays.

Last night’s contest is still open and already has some good entries. The deadline for entries is 8am EST Thursday.

I already have a photo, courtesy of Poliblogger, for tomorrow’s contest.

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