The latest OTB caption contests are now closed.

Contest #1:

Yahoo! News (AP photo)

The winners:

1st, Hermetic: “Throw ya hands in the air! Wave ’em like ya just don’t care!”

2nd, Frank: “The President is eliminated in the first round of Simon Says.”

3rd, Pete: “Bush poses for replacement of fallen Saddam statue in central Baghdad!”

Contest #2:

Write your own caption in the comments below.
WaPo (AP)

The winners:

1st (tie), Dean Esmay: “Man, you should have been President.”
“No, you should have been.”
“No, you!”
“No, you!”

1st (tie), Sean Hackbarth: “(John to Joe): If we run together, I’ll be the Democrat.”

2nd, Katewerk: “The last two finalists await the vote results for Fox’s hottest new reality show ‘American Geezer.'”

3rd, Steven: “At least I lost to him in the general election.”

Thanks to all the participants!

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  1. Katewerk says:

    So, James – when can we expect the Outsidethebeltway[tm] Prize Van to pull up?