Caption Contest Winners

The (Fat) Al(bert) Gore Edition, OTB Caption ContestTM has concluded. Some particularly good entries this time.

The winners:

AP photo via YahooNews

1st – Boyd: “I. Did not. Eat. Cheeseburgers. At that. Restaurant. McDonalds.”

2nd – Ben: “I invented nervous breakdownsâ€

3rd (tie) – Stephen W. Stanton: “He misled us into Iraq. He misled us into a lousy economy. He misled us into this damned low-carb craze that doesn’t work for shit.â€

3rd (tie) РLa Femme Crickita: Al Gore bidding on one of Rush Limbaugh̢۪s old

Thanks to all the participants. Another contest will start soon.

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James Joyner
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  1. Rodney Dill says:

    I should’ve won. I was robbed. I demand a recount, Let’s have every vote count. The contest was fixed. Where in the hell is the SCOFLA (Supreme Court of Fla.)

    (Heh, my post would’ve made a pretty caption as well)

  2. Dear God, the older Gore gets, the more likely Stephen Root (Milton from Office Space, among other roles) is to play him in his post-VP years.

    [Gore with a Milton voice] “Has … anybody … seen my gravitas?”

  3. Boyd says:

    Wow! I’m humbled that your liked my caption so much, especially since there were so many absolutely great ones.

    Thanks. I’ll fire off that check immediately.