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The Naughty or Rice Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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The Winners

Ne Plus Ultra: Laurence SimonJust as Dorothy was asked by The Wizard of Oz to bring back the Wicked Witch̢۪s broom as proof of her demise, Karl Rove waves Arafat̢۪s Horrible Red Binder as proof of the terrorist̢۪s death.

Second: Kim Chong-ilPheeeeewie! Condi! More red beans and rice for lunch today? Somebody light a match!

Third: McTrip – The folder entitled ‘The Official List of Madeleine Albright’s Diplomatic Achievements’ contained a single blank page.â€

Honorable Mention:

Duffer – “Now, Condi, quit giggling & read the instructions very carefully….because there is a right way and a wrong way to roll up this tool of diplomacy before you stick it where — oddly enough — the girlie man French foreign minister actually prefers it . . .â€

T. Lung – Juss ‘n case ennybuddy woz wundrin folks ‘n red stayts r’gonna hav mo infloonts ‘’n ‘’Merrigan furrn pollisy ‘’n fyootchir. Unnerstan ?

TimmerGirl in Pink over Dr. Rice’s Shoulder: BILL, not NOW dammit…

Rodney’s Bottom of the barrel

These Abu Ghraib photo’s always crack me up.

As Karl Rove shows his folder of ‘dirty election tricks’ to Condi Rice he says to Terry McAuliffe, “Ya just ain’t gonna see these on Daily Kos

Rove tried to wave the offending odor in the direction of Condi, but from then on, when together, they were always known as ‘Beans and Rice’

“After that tape from Osama Bin Ladin we didn’t have to pull out this last campaign ad of John hitting a squirrel with his bicycle pump.”

“Yep, Laurence Simon is full of crap.

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  1. Mark it an 8, Dude!

  2. McGehee says:

    “Beans and Rice.” Heh.