Caption Contest Winners

The Festivus Edition of the OTB Caption Contest is over.

They were nowhere near as creepy as I’d hoped, but the winners are:

First Place: Boyd — When the Hamilton kids learned that Santa Claus was also a Roman Catholic priest, they displayed mixed reactions.

Second Place: The Ubiquitous Rodney Dill — Little Timmy jumps and drops his sister, as Santa “warms his hands.â€

Third Place: Duffer — Jane likes sitting on Santa’s left knee; Dick ain’t so sure about sitting on Santa’s right knee; Young Emily suddenly remembers that Santa has only two knees.

I don’t get it but it sounds disturbing:

Christopher Cross — Only little Tina Baker enjoyed the family tradition of “Triple Dutch Oven.â€

For added post-Holiday cheer, check out this tribute to my best friend on her birthday.

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  1. Rodney Dill says:

    Just how creepy did you want?

    Having scored a triple 20 with his first throw in this round of Elf Cricket. Timmy hoisted his next elf for a throw at the bullseye, and a win.

  2. Not quite victory is mine!