Caption Contest Winners

The Eanie Meanie Chili Beanie Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

AP Photo/Dean Hoffmeyer, Richmond Times-Dispatch

As if this picture wasn’t funny enough. Maybe I just felt overly generous, but this time I chose to extend the Honorable Mention section as there were just too many excellent captions. If you haven’t had a chance you should read through all the captions for this contest as a majority of them are pretty good. Bithead and Crerar were well on the way to a first place tie until “The Doctor” placed his/her entry.

The Winners

First: The Doctor – Some reporter from Chicago gave ‘em to me to wear tonight at the Rumsfeld press conference.

Second (tied): BitheadSo, YOU̢۪RE the new communications officer, eh?
Second (tied): CrerarAlright soldier — you can guide my Humvee tonight.

Third: BrandonWhy? Because no one could shoot Rudolph!

Honorable Mention:

Garry and the Samoyeds “I can’t wear these? Whatever happened to ‘be all you can be?’â€

Laurence SimonThe hard part was cutting the holes in my helmet to stick them through it.

Zong Ren – Don’t worry — it happens to a lot of guys the first time they get perfumed letters.

David Harris – “I have to wear the nose, too?â€

McGehee – Corporal, if you say, “Can you hear me now?†one more time, I’m gonna frag you!

Dave SchulerBetween the long time away from home and the “no fraternization†I am really getting horny.

Anna S. – What antlers? (editor: This one made me think of Marty Feldman’s “Hump, What Hump?” in Young Frankenstein)

Rodneys Bottom of the Barrel

“As long as Rumsfeld is in charge this does not violate Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, so you are required to continue to wear the new GAYDAR 2000 young fella.”

“So where’s your partner, the one they call Rocky”

“Jees, I wish it had never gotten out that my Grandmother did grow up in Lapland, and that she was run over by a reindeer.”

“I know its rutting seasaon, but leave Cpl. Gonzales alone.”


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