Caption Contest Winners

The Target Dog Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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Excellent captions, I was surprised it took so long for someone to come up with the take off on the Target Dog. I am pandering a bit with the list of honorable mentions, but this contest just seemed to bring out a funny vein in many of the commentors.

The Winners

Ne Plus Ultra: RightWingDuck Unfortunately, the tryouts for the new Target Dog Mascot turned out quite differently than expected.

Second: Harry Tank Commander Ralph Watkins winces as he realizes he has unwittingly let loose the dog of war.

Third: LJD – “I think he’s gettin’ ready to leave a road-side bomb!”

Honorable Mention:

Laurence SimonWe meet again, Teddy Salad.

BitheadMike Dukakas meets the enemy

OJCaptain, we got that filthy dog Zarqawi!

MyopistSwear to God, if it cocks a leg I̢۪m shooting it. I spent four hours washing this tank.

Dougrc – Reminiscent of the 1989 Tianenmen Square incident, Fluffy stood her ground for half an hour before slowly backing out of the way of the advancing tanks.

Rachel Edith – President Bush made that surprise visit to the troops last week. Scheduling glitches resulted in presidential dog, Barney, being left behind in a fox hole. Barney emerged today none the worse for wear. After de-briefing in Germany, the dog will be reunited with the Commander-in-Chief.

Roark – Hold Fire! …It’s not a FRENCH poodle.

The Thursday contest has already started.

Rodney’s Bottom of the Barrel

“That pup craps in my lawn again, and he’s gonna taste a round from the new tank mounted Bowitzer 500.

Targeting terrorist Al Bark-awi

Not ones to back down from a fight they are sure to win, the French Army prepares to launch an offensive in the
Global War On Terriers

“Bring out the Holy Hand Grenade.”

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