Caption Contest Winners

The Killer Filler Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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The winners and honorable mention barely start to do justice to the many funny captions this time around. Thanks to all who participated, and thanks to Tig for supplying the picture.

The Winners

First: caltechgirlKim Jong-Il reveals his true self for the first time

Second: Stormy Dragon “Kill ‘er?” asked the confused David Berkowitz. “But why?”

Third: McGeheeIn its ill-fated attempt to head off the practice of arming airline pilots, the FAA experimented with compact attack dogs small enough to fit in overhead compartments, documents obtained by DRUDGE REPORT reveal.

The Monday contest has already started.

Honorable Mention and the rest are under the Fold

Honorable Mention:

Jufray – Add water… makes it’s own sauce.

Anna S. – Killer, Your dinner is served

TigMy newest disguise is working according to plan.

General Mattis Rips (Did I get them all?)

McGeheeThe Marines wouldn’t let Gen. Mattis have a Rottweiler.

SteveLEason Jordon provides this revealing photo of a U.S. Marine Corps mascot, which apparently earned its name at the expense of a CNN reporter.

Cassandra“I tell ya, it’s damned fun killin’ some people. I like a good brawl… it’s a helluva hoot” said the vicious mastiff, blood and saliva dripping from its jowels as it strained to escape from the shock collar that barely contained its maniacal rage.

Roger – Killer was admonished for his statements that “sometimes, it’s fun to bite people.”

Rodneys Bottom of The Barrel

How all of Microsoft’s competition looks to Bill Gates

Steve Irwin: “Crikey, Killer isn’t me dog, Killer is me pet Croc.”

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  1. Wow, I’m suprised that won. I wasn’t sure if enough people would know who David Berkowitz was to get it. ;>

  2. Rodney Dill says:

    Technically I’m the only one that had to get it. Blogger’s seem to have a fairly good age spread, and until you get some clue or statement as to someone’s age its pretty easy to misguess someones age. I had guessed James to be older some time ago and I’ve guessed others wrong in the other direction.