Caption Contest Winners

The Beloved Leader Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Photograph by Korean News Agency/AP

The personage we love to hate, nearly as much as John Kerry

The Winners

First: McTrip – “NUKLAHOMA” (McTrip prefaced it with – One for the archives : a rare snap taken during rehearsals of the writer-producer-director-leading male singer, Kim Jong “Johnny†Il, and the cast of the guaranteed runaway [no, runaway even faster] Pyongyang hit musical :- )

Second: Laurence SimonDespite the protests of his wife and the Central Committee, Kim Jong-Il did what the voices in his head told him, and he plowed under the crops to build a concentration camp for political dissidents. That̢۪s when the ghost of his father came out of the wheat so they could play catch with Harry Truman̢۪s bleached skull.

Third: Confederate Yankee And after 40 years of wandering, it slowly dawned upon the crowd that he really didn̢۪t have a clue where the Promised Land was.

The Thursday contest has already started.

Honorable Mention and the rest are under the Fold

Honorable Mention:

Scott P – Pensive Korean television executives monitor the reactions of a bemused Kim Jong-Il at the taping of the pilot episode of “Korean Fear Factor: Minefield.”

LJD – “Idiots! I said weapons, not wheat!” “Now where can we hide all of this before the people see it”

ralph hupp – a leader outstanding in his field.

Beloved LeaderChamgan-man. . .chamgan-man. . .mugo! [Translation: “Wait for it. . .wait for it. . .Eat!â€]

Field of Dreams entries:
Laurence Simon surely had the strangest Field of Dreams entry (which took second), but I enjoyed all the variations

PoliartKim: Build it and they will come!“I knew it! If I build it, they will come. . .”

Stormy Dragon“The Field of Schemes”

Novelette Award

BitheadWins the best Novelette on a tyrannical dictator (Which will not be repeated here, or probably anywhere)

Rodneys Bottom of The Barrel

We study Nuclear Science,
We love critical masses,
‘Gotta crazy world leader,
Who wears dark glasses.
Bomb production’s going great,
And the missle’s flying better.

We’re refining it right,
High Plutonium Grade,
‘Countryside is so bright,
We Gotta wear shades.

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  1. Bithead says:

    Oh, come now… I didn’t credit the thing because I thought you’d recognize it… It was a clip from onty Python that I thought fit very well indeed…

  2. McTrip says:

    You are most kind. Thank you.