Caption Contest Winners

The Soylent Green is People Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

A very enjoyable contest, there were a lot of imaginative entries for this one

(AFP/DDP/Michael Kappeler)

The Winners

First: Steven L. – Michael Jackson began to seriously regret insisting on a “jury of his peers”. . . .

Second: Brandon JaynesMoscow̢۪s Red Orchestra, seen here singing Yellow Submarine, has long been green with envy over the success of the Blue Man Group.

Third: BitheadIt was here that Mulder found the motherload.

Honorable Mention:

T. Lung – The new-look Green Bay Packers synchronised semaphore cheerleaders sure did miss their head cheese!

BitheadAfter nearly a week, the struggle to find a new CBS news anchor was down to a handful of people

McGeheeThe new hit Broadway musical “Green Eggs and Ham†opened last night to rave reviews. Oddly enough, however, popcorn sales were slow and area restaurants reported business was down 90% over other opening nights.

McTrip – This is why voters never got to see the Swift Boat Veterans FOR Kerry…

Ingress – The Green Bay Packers circa 1920

Lance – French farting contest. . .

The Thursday contest has already started.

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Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

Jackson’s attorney hoped that the selected jury would find nothing eccentric about the enigmatic pop star

This coming season the Green Bay Packers are preparing to take drastic measures to find 11 men that can play defense

Dennis Kuchinich gave up on blue and red and moved to the ‘green state’

The Rodney Dill Cloning Experiment was never considered a big success, but it did dispel the myth that “The copy is never as good as the original.”

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