Caption Contest Winners

The That’ll Leave a Mark Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Photo: Denis Sinyakov/AFP/Getty Images

The Winners

First: CrerarThat’s a nice trick seargent Baalzadropov — but what did you do with the pylon?

Second: Laurence SimonThey haven’t yet built the combat robot that can do this

Third: Oski – While normally viewed as an asset in arid climates, Pvt. Splitovski a.k.a. the human divining rod, embarrassed his fellow troops when they marched on the rain soaked parade grounds.

Honorable Mention:

TimmerThe kids from Chernobyl strut their stuff.

Scott P – Soldiers watch a demonstration of the latest Field Medical Directive: How to alleviate “Soldier’s Itch.”

CassandraDespite intense mentoring, Private Pushkin continued to demonstrate considerable confusion as to the meaning of the term “balls-to-the-wall”.

LJD – Russians prove the viability of gays in the military: In an effort to save his comrades, Ivan drops on a grenade. . .

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

“Oh by the way, the commissary is stocked with toilet paper again.”

The Russian Military Chorus never looked forward to a Head-of-State visit from the U.S.A. as special preparations were needed to hit the high notes during the obligatory singing of the Star Spangled Banner.

The Monday contest has already started.

UPDATE: Wizbang has announced their winner for the same picture. (I picked the Thursday-Monday, Monday-Thursday cycle for a reason). Villainous Company still has a contest with the same picture open.

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  1. Crerar says:

    woohoo – I’m a weiner !!!!!!!!!