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The NFL Draft Weekend Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.


Again very many funny entries, requiring an Extended the honorable mention section


First: Freakyboy – The last Duke lacrosse player leaves the party.

Second: DaveD – Tired of talking, Rumsfeld decides to personally demonstrate his concept of a lighter, more mobile army.

Third: CC – U.S. Special Forces have been searching the Iraq countryside for signs of Al-Zarquawi for months now, but the insurgent leader has proven difficult to locate. One unnamed military source spoke of Zarquawi having “an uncanny ability to blend in with his surroundings.”

Honorable Mention:

radio free fred – N. F. L. Commissioner Paul Tagliabue Comes From A Meeting With Terrell Owens And Randy Moss.

BitheadMercury In Retrogade: The later years

charles austinOk Al, we get it. The earth is getting warmer and it’s mans fault.

elmoThough Elmo hadn’t been barhopping and skirt chasing in some time. He never remembered it as being quite like this.

Adjustah“Good morning, Mr. Vice President, Sir! How was your night off?”

BitheadHow to know when “Casual Fridays” at work, have gone too far

charles austinJared needs to go back to 6″ subs.

Greg Dwyer – All the political fighting over the sale of the Washington Nationals to George Soros was taken to another level as Soros announced his plan to hire Bill Clinton as quarterback. His first practice showed why he was not chosen as a tight end.

The Ted Kennedy Collection

1. Maggie – Ted Kennedy thinks this disguise will keep him from being recognized as he takes a swim in Hyannis. Proving yet again he’s a flaming fool!

2. SgtFluffyTed Kennedy, aka “Ted O”, on the set of his new show,”Jackass the Senator”

3. The PirateLooks like Ted Kennedy is back on the sauce.

Rodney’s Bottom of The Barrel

The Taxman cometh.

Expose yourself to Art.

The only time that Scott McClellan had really found Helen Thomas to be irritating were those times when she forgot to take her meds in the morning.

The The Monday contest has already approved human cloning

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Riding Sun has bubble troubles.

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  1. Thanks Rodney but the one I really liked was Go Long!

  2. FreakyBoy says:

    Oh yeah!!!!

    I’ve been working in the field near Liberal, Kansas w/o internet for three days and I come home to this!

    Thanks Rodney!