Carnival of the Liberated #148: Third Anniversary Edition

The latest edition of the Carnival of the Liberated, a sampler of some of the best posts of the week from Iraqi and Afghan bloggers, is now available at Dean’s World. This week’s CotL marks its third year under my editorship and I’ve departed somewhat from my usual detachment and the conventional format. I’m only dealing with two topics, Blackwater and cholera, I’m only linking to two posts from Iraqi bloggers, and I’m putting my two cents in a bit.

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Dave Schuler
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Over the years Dave Schuler has worked as a martial arts instructor, a handyman, a musician, a cook, and a translator. He's owned his own company for the last thirty years and has a post-graduate degree in his field. He comes from a family of politicians, teachers, and vaudeville entertainers. All-in-all a pretty good preparation for blogging. He has contributed to OTB since November 2006 but mostly writes at his own blog, The Glittering Eye, which he started in March 2004.