Headline Of The Day

The State Of The Union Is Pointless

Tonight, the American political system stops to engage in the biggest waste of time ever invented.

The Coffee Insurgency?

The Economist reports that “The coffee insurgency” is winning.

‘We Thought He Was Going To Be The Next Messiah’

The President is neither messiah nor devil, and the media does the public no favors when it treats him as either.

Obama Ending 2013 On A Rough Note

For a year that seemed to start out so well, 2013 has been among the President’s worst of this five years he’s been in office.

One Month?

Is Iran really just one month from producing a nuclear weapon?

Obama Didn’t Try To Scare Americans Over Syria, Except When He Did

:Like his predecessors, President Obama’s speech last night exaggerated the threat that Syria poses in order to sell his plan to American voters.


Question About Syria

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