Where Did The Antiwar Movement Go?

The antiwar movement has been strangely silent despite the fact that U.S. foreign policy hasn’t really changed that much since Barack Obama became President.

It Must Be Time To Complain About Obama Golfing Again

It’s springtime in Washington, when the buds start to grow on the Japanese Cherry trees, and political hacks come out of their holes to criticize the President for golfing.

Kerry Supports Libyan No-Fly Zone

John Kerry’s Washington Post op-ed supports U. S. leadership in establishing a no-fly zone in Libya.

Bacon Cooking Tips

Frying bacon in a pan is messy and often results in mangled, charred meat. Scott Vermeire says you’re probably doing it wrong.

Coffee Consumption: Me vs. The World

I drink more coffee a month than the average person does a year. Indeed, I easily go through more than the 12 kilograms that represents the top end of the scale.

Real Doctors, Fake Notes

Either Andrew Breitbart controls the entire media complex or Crooks & Liars jumped the gun. “Figure it out.”