America’s Four Parties

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans truly represent most Americans. Fixing that is exceedingly unlikely.

Elections with Foregone Conclusions

Greatest democracy in the world, right?

On the Number of Parties, Part 3: More Sophisticated Counting

The effective number of parties.

On the Number of Parties: Basic Counting, Part 2

This time: some multi-party examples.

Podcast Recommendation

Arend Lijphart on the “Peaceful Political Revolution in America” podcast.

On the Number of Parties: Basic Counting, Part 1

Counting is not necessarily as straightforward as it may seem.

A Republic, not a Constitutional Monarchy

Barbados provides an illustration of a frequently misunderstood concept.

Canada and Single-Seat Plurality Elections

Canada has more parties than the US, but still suffers representation problems due to FPTP elections.