On the Number of Parties, Part 3: More Sophisticated Counting

The effective number of parties.

On the Number of Parties: Basic Counting, Part 2

This time: some multi-party examples.

Single-Seat Districts are a Huge Problem

Politicians controlling lines control voters (instead of voters controlling politicians).

Trump, Electoral Fraud Lies, and the Primaries

Our system and the shaping of the GOP’s future.

The House of “Representatives”

The erosion of representativeness continues.

Canada and Single-Seat Plurality Elections

Canada has more parties than the US, but still suffers representation problems due to FPTP elections.

The CA Recall

The system is not defensible.

Some Additional Readings on Hungary (Tab Clearing)

For anyone who might be interested.

More Intra-Party Manuevers

This time: the Alaska GOP.

Competitive Pressures and Party Behavior

Assessing Republican strategic positioning (and the incentives in our system).

Some Thoughts on Representation

How well do single-seat districts lead to representation? (And of what?)

It’s the Single-Seat Districts

Our insistence on relying on an 18th Century understanding of electoral systems is our ongoing bane (if one values representative government).

Our Political Reality

Voting ourselves out of this mess is not so easy

Speaking of Reform

Let me point you to a reform proposal.

Will the GOP Fracture?

Will there be in-fighting? Yes. A break-up? No.

A GOP Break-Away isn’t Coming

There won’t be a Lincoln Party. It isn’t sustainable.