On the Number of Parties, Part 3: More Sophisticated Counting

The effective number of parties.

On the Number of Parties: Basic Counting, Part 2

This time: some multi-party examples.

On the Number of Parties: Basic Counting, Part 1

Counting is not necessarily as straightforward as it may seem.

Trump, Electoral Fraud Lies, and the Primaries

Our system and the shaping of the GOP’s future.

Thoughts on Partisan Cues and Filters

Thoughts on how we think.

Vaccines v. Monoclonal Antibodies

The difference is politics, not reason.

Elite Behavior Matters

The College Republican National Committee Chairman elections shows the lessons taught by the national party.

The Reality Show Party?

Another R/D cleavage?

Money and Intra-Party Competition

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This time: the Alaska GOP.

Ohio, Trump, and the Primaries

Thinking about party evolution and behavior going into 2022.

The GOP: Not a Civil War, Not a Purge

The GOP is actually pretty healthy at the moment, despite some public rhetoric to the contrary.

Liz Cheney and the GOP

A quick lesson about American parties.