Did Mark Meadows Break Electoral Laws?

It would appear to be the case.

Prelim Data on Texas’ New Voting Rules

As predicted, rejections of ballots is up.

Elections with Foregone Conclusions

Greatest democracy in the world, right?

A Note on Primary Elections

Data from Texas underscore a frequent point about primaries.

A Modest Step on Voting Integrity

It’s Manchin-approved.

Yes, it is Voter Suppression

When procedures lead to more rejected ballots and fewer voters, what else is there to call it?

What exactly is ballot harvesting? And what happened in Georgia?

While there is an investigation, it doesn’t appear ballots were sold for “$10 a piece”

The Reality of Voter Fraud Yet Again

Fraudsters caught!

Revisiting Stacey Abrams’ Nonconcession

Assessing her actions in 2018 in light of 2020 and onward.

Trump, Electoral Fraud Lies, and the Primaries

Our system and the shaping of the GOP’s future.

Election 2021 Context, Part 2: Virginia

Going back to 1977 (there’s a pattern).

Keeping the Voter Fraud Flames Burning

This time in the CA recall.

Yet Again, Vanishingly Little Evidence of Voter Fraud

What’s smaller than minuscule?

More Intra-Party Manuevers

This time: the Alaska GOP.

An Example of Illegal Voting

An arrest underscores what the problem isn’t.

Texas Democrats Deny Quorum, Delay Elections Bill

A special session looms. (And how this is not like the filibuster in the US Senate).

Report from the AZ Audit Front

It’s at least as bad as you thought it was.

The Arizona Audit

The latest front on the war on truth.

Voter Suppression in Texas

Let’s call it what it is.

Arguing Against Democracy

National Review’s Kevin D. Williamson advocates for less democracy in America.

A Specious Comparison of Voting Rules

No, Colorado’s voting regulations are not roughly the same as Georgia’s.

One More about GA’s SB202

And, really, all of this current wave of election legislation.

Some Thoughts on Representation

How well do single-seat districts lead to representation? (And of what?)

The Rhetorical Framing of HR1

A truly silly characterization from Senator Mike Lee.

More on GA’s SB202

Georgia Public Broadcasting provides a useful list of provisions.

How to Defend Rules Designed to Make Voting Harder

An example from Dan McLaughlin of NR

Georgia Passes New Election Law

It makes voting harder.

Today in Bad Election Analysis

Let’s not get overly dramatic about special elections.

Arguments Over Definitions

The lack of common understandings and shared assumptions makes political conversations challenging.

Today in Disingenuous Arguments for Voter ID

It really does feel like a daily occurrence.

The Dishonesty of Restrictive Reforms

The fixes worsen the stated problem (more on Iowa and other states’ attempts to restrict voting).

Iowa Limits Early Voting

Making it harder to vote in Iowa.

Voting Legislation on Parade

HR1 is a national approach to expanding voter access. State legislatures are trying to both expand and restrict the vote as well.

HR1: Good, but Not Enough

And what GOP opposition says about the party.

A Return to the (Lack of) Evidence of Significant Fraud

A CPAC speaker and the return of the problem of the Heritage electoral fraud database.

Our Political Reality

Voting ourselves out of this mess is not so easy

Speaking of Reform

Let me point you to a reform proposal.

Expect at Least Three Objections Tomorrow

AZ, GA, and Pa are on the table.

Trump asks GA Officials to “Find” Votes

The sitting president is asking GA officials to find votes despite the fact that the results have been confirmed thrice.

The Pence Gambit

The absurd notion that the President of Senate is the arbiter and judge of the electoral vote.

Two Crazy Aspects of Trump’s Fraud Allegations

Granted, there are more than two. But from a political science/political history POV, these two stick out in my mind.

The Reality of Electoral Fraud

Wherein I detail evidence of fraud and take the Heritage Foundation’s database of fraud to task.

A GOP Break-Away isn’t Coming

There won’t be a Lincoln Party. It isn’t sustainable.

Trump’s Election Interference Continues

The phone tour continues.

Reforming the EC is not the Same as Overturning it

Wherein I respond to a ridiculous comparison.

Speaking of Numbers

Because a certain kind of election nerd likes graphs.