Harder to Get Job at Walmart Than Admitted to Ivy League School?

.Wonkblog’s “Wal-Mart has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard” is rightly drawing some eye-rolling.

Fixing Income Equality is Easy (Unless You Actually Want to Fix It)

It’s simple: We just have to define the problem and then solve it.

Has Government Worker Pay Been Shrinking?

Eric Katz of Government Executive points to “The Incredible Shrinking Pay Raise in One Chart.”

Pentagon Defies Congress with Budget Request

Poking the eye of the institution that passes your budget is a bold choice.

The End of Work?

What if the jobless recovery is but the beginning of a trend?

Tennessee Volkswagen Workers Reject Unionization

A big setback for the UAW.

Another Mediocre Jobs Report

The Jobs Report for January once again leaves much to be desired.

CVS To Stop Selling Tobacco Products

CVS makes a business decision that is earning it kudos for the most part.

Middle Class Shopping Less at Lousy Stores, Eating Less at Lousy Restaurants

Demand for mid-range goods and services seems to be on the decline.

The Best Super Bowl Commercial Ever

Apple’s “1984” Super Bowl commercial ran only once, but it remains in a class by itself.

Women Make 77 Cents For Every Dollar Men Earn? Only If You Rely On Misleading Data

A commonly cited statistic in support of the “equal pay” argument does not stand up to scrutiny.

Does International Aid Work? Who Knows?

Two experts debate the topic, demonstrating how little we really know.

Do What You Hate?

The advice “Do what you love. Love what you do” is not without pitfalls.

Seven Years Ago Today, The iPhone Changed The World

Seven years ago, Steve Jobs showed us that we could literally hold the world in the palm of our hand.

Republicans Ready To Deal On Unemployment Benefits Extension?

There are some signs that there may be room to strike a deal on the extension of unemployment benefits, but it’s likely to require some drama on Capitol Hill before it happens.

Three NFL Cities May Be Impacted By NFL Blackout Rule This Weekend

One of the dumbest rules in sports may mean that people in three cities can’t see their teams play this weekend.

FCC To Look At Repealing Sports Broadcast Rules

The FCC is looking at re-examination of its sports broadcast rules. The NFL and other sports leagues should do the same thing.

Cell Phone Use On Airplanes? Not The Government’s Business

A bunch of people talking on cellphones during a plane flight would annoy the heck out of me, but the government shouldn’t be involved in deciding if it should be allowed.

Is It Okay To Lie In Order To Get Amazon Discounts?

If Amazon gives discounts to people with children, is it acceptable to falsely claim you have a child in order to get a discount?

A Conservative Argues For Extending Unemployment Benefits

In an ordinary post-recession world, we wouldn’t need to talk about extended unemployment benefits, but times are far from ordinary.

Choosing A $2,000 Drug Over A $50 Alternative That Works Just As Well

Thanks to current patent and drug regulation laws, we’re paying up to $2,000 for a drug when there’s a drug that does the same thing for orders of magnitude less.

Innumeracy is Perfect for Entertaining

Wall Street Journal was looking hard for a story.

Revised GDP Figures Show Strong Growth, Until You Look At The Details

3.6% GDP growth in the 3rd Quarter, but the devil is in the details.

The Beginning Of The End Of Waiters and Waitresses?

Technology is about the way you order in your local restaurant.

What’s The Big Deal About Retailers Opening On Thanksgiving?

It may not strike most people as “fun,” but there’s nothing wrong with retailers being open on Thanksgiving Day.

No, We Don’t Need To Allow People To Make Cellphone Calls On Airplanes

Imagine all these people talking on the cellphones during a long flight, or even a short one.

Starbucks Nation

The Amazon Deal Won’t Save The USPS By Itself, But It’s A Start

Amazon’s new deal with the USPS offers a way out of the agency’s problems if only Congress would give up its last bit of control.

With Republican Help, ENDA Passes Senate

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act passed the Senate yesterday but it’s unlikely to go much further.

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