Jimmy Fallon ‘Joking Bad’ Video

Jimmy Fallon’s 13 minute tribute to “Breaking Bad” is exceedingly well done

Dolphins Never Forget

“Say that, in 1993, you were at a bar having some beers with a dolphin” has been nominated and seconded as the “Best opening sentence. EVER.”

Florida Linebacker Barks at K-9 Officer

University of Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison has been suspended after barking at a police dog.

Home Brewing Legal in All 50 States

Until this month, America was not truly a free country.

It’s Not About The Nail

Probably a good thing there wasn’t a hammer involved.

Obama Waging Psychological Warfare on Americans, Says Crazy Doctor

Dr. Keith Ablow lays out the case that President Obama is conducting psychological warfare on us.

Keeping Mentally Ill Senators From Getting Guns

I’ve got my differences with Charlie Schumer and Joe Manchin. But there’s no need to call names.

Margaret Thatcher Does the Dead Parrot Sketch

Margaret Thatcher does the Dead Parrot Sketch

Hitler Reacts to PowerLine Ad Strategy

So, the PowerLine gang experimented with an annoying pre-load survey widget to boost revenue. A certain mustachioed Austrian is not amused.

Jerry Seinfeld Explains Joke Writing

Jokes aren’t funny if you have to explain them. Explaining how the joke got written can be marginally funny.

Drink More Wine: It’s Science

A diet rich in olive oil, nuts, beans, fish, fruits and vegetables, and wine is good for your heart.

Obama’s Drone Fantasy

While I’m sure President Obama has fantasies of launching drones on Congress, it’s not over his drone policy.

Obama Re-Elected!

Six weeks ago, we held a non-binding referendum asking Americans who they’d like for president. Yesterday, the real election was held.

Michelle Obama Goes Too Far

Somebody drove a car into a McDonald’s in DC’s Adams Morgan neighborhood, prompting Ryan Lizza to quip, “This time Michelle Obama’s gone too far.”

Worst. Choir. Ever.