Texas High School Builds $60 Million Football Stadium

A rather egregious case of misplaced priorities in Texas.

Lance Armstrong Stripped of Titles, Banned For Life, For Doping

Lance Armstrong joins a long line of the greatest athletes of his generation whose glory was fueled by performance enhancing drugs.

US Women Win More Olympic Medals Than All But Three Countries

How dominant were America’s women in the London Olympics? They’d have come in fourth place in the medal count in the US sent separate men’s and women’s teams.

Cameroon’s “Missing” Olympians

Eight of Cameroon’s 37 Olympians are “missing.”

Nick Delpopolo Expelled From Olympics For Eating Brownies

Nick Delpopolo has been banned from the Olympics for testing positive for cannabis, which he claims came from unwittingly eating a marijuana-laced brownie.

Cover Girl Model Wins Olympic Boxing Match

Cover Girl model Marlen Esparza was the first American woman to win an Olympic boxing match.

Not Surprisingly, Olympics Mostly A Bust For London Retailers

Once again, we learn that hosting the Olympics doesn’t carry nearly the economic benefit the IOC wants host cities to believe it does.

Marco Rubio’s Olympian Tax Policy Pander

Marco Rubio wants to prevent these young women, and other Olympic medal winners, from paying taxes. It’s a dumb idea.

What If Every Olympic Sport Was Photographed Like Women’s Beach Volleyball

Nate Jones asks, “What if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball?”

Olympic Sexism

While women are more visible at the 2012 Olympics than any past games, there are still cries of “sexism.”

Michael Phelps Breaks Olympic Medal Record; Greatest Olympian Ever?

Michael Phelps today won his 18th and 19th Olympic medal, breaking the old record held by gymnast Larysa Latynina. Does this make him the greatest ever?

NBC’s 20th Century Olympics Coverage In A 21st Century World

NBC’s Olympic coverage doesn’t necessarily recognize the realities of social networking and the 24 hour news cycle.

BREAKING: Olympics Opened Hours Ago

Why the hell is CNN—which purports to be a news organization—pretending that NBC is live casting the Olympics?

Olympians Built for Success

The athletes gathered at the London Olympics have sacrificed much of their lives training to excel at their sports. But most also have extraordinary genetic advantages.

Comparing Athletes Through The Ages

Slate asks “How Badly Would Usain Bolt Destroy the Best Sprinter of 1896?” and answers with an odd “visualization” of unexplained methodology.

Penn State Plea Bargained to Avoid Death Penalty

Penn State was facing a four year suspension of its football program but worked out a less harsh punishment.

Bobby Bowden Not Rejoicing Over Career Wins* Lead

Bobby Bowden now owns the record for most wins by a head coach in college football’s top division, thanks to the NCAA taking 111 wins away from Joe Paterno. He’s quite rightly not excited about it.

NCAA Hits Penn State With Crippling Penalties

The NCAA more than lived up to the hype of “unprecedented” sanctions.

Joe Paterno Obituary Cartoon Do-Over

Rob Tornoe has revised his Joe Paterno-Bear Bryant cartoon in light of the Freeh Report.

London Olympics Censorship

Nick Cohen dubs this year’s London Games the “Censorship Olympics.” Had he called them the “London Censorship Olympics,” the “2012 Censorship Olympics,” or titled the piece “Censorship Takes London Gold” he might have faced civil or criminal penalties.

Freeh Report Slams Joe Paterno, Other Penn State Officials, On Sandusky Scandal

The cover-up at Penn State was, if anything, worse than we thought,.

Penn State Investigation Into Sandusky Scandal Likely To Be “Very Tough” On Paterno

Joe Paterno’s legacy is likely to take a lasting and damaging hit when a report on Penn State’s handling of the Sandusky mess is released.