30 Second Super Bowl Commercial Costs $3.8 Million

At nearly $4 million for a 30 second spot, advertising on the Super Bowl is a bargain.

Toomer Corner Oaks Being Cut Down

Auburn’s famed Toomer’s Corner Oaks will be cut down, an acknowledgment that they’ll never be healthy again after an idiot Alabama fan poisoned them.

Joyner Girls Rooting for Bama

It started September 1, with a 41-14 thumping of Michigan at Cowboys Stadium. Now, it all comes down to one game.

NHL Lockout Ends

The most idiotic labor dispute in sports history appears to have ended.

Pennsylvania Sues NCAA Over Penn State Sanctions

For some reason, Pennsylvania’s Governor has chosen to reopen the wounds from the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

Jets’ McElroy Hid Concussion

New York Jets quarterback Greg McElroy was experiencing post-concussion syndrome but hid it from the team for days.

The College Coaching Carousel

FSU’s Jimbo Fisher offers interesting insights into the coaching profession.

Transgender Woman Plays College Basketball to Little Controversy

Gabrielle Ludwig played college basketball as a man 25 years ago; now, she’s playing as a woman.

Pete Dawkins, Most Accomplished Heisman Winner Ever

The title of most impressive Heisman winner of all time goes to Pete Dawkins, who won the award in 1958.

Dallas Cowboys Tragedy: Josh Brent Kills Jerry Brown in Drunken Crash

Another week, another innocent person killed by an NFL player.

Kobe Bryant Youngest to 30,000

Kobe Bryant is one of only five NBA players to score 30,000 points and the youngest to achieve the milestone.

Nick Saban Has Been Nick Saban A Very Long Time

In “Eyes on the Prize,” Chuck Culpepper looks at Saban’s first season as a head coach, with Toledo, way back in 1989-90. It seems that Nick Saban has been Nick Saban for a very long time.

Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker Jovan Belcher Murder-Suicide

Jovan Belcher, a linebacker with the Kansas City Chiefs, this morning murdered the mother of their 3-month-old baby before killing himself.

Alex Karras, Football Star and Actor, Dead at 77

Alex Karras has died after a long illness. He was 77.

New Jerseys Make NFL Lineman Feel Fat

Some of the NFL’s heftier players do not appreciate the new form-fitting jerseys introduced this season.

Basketball With Obama

Michael Lewis has a long feature in Vanity Fair titled “Obama’s Way,” based on six months with the president.

Shannon Eastin First Female NFL Ref

Shannon Eastin has become the first woman to officiate an NFL game, thanks to the lockout of the regular referees.

Texas High School Builds $60 Million Football Stadium

A rather egregious case of misplaced priorities in Texas.

Lance Armstrong Stripped of Titles, Banned For Life, For Doping

Lance Armstrong joins a long line of the greatest athletes of his generation whose glory was fueled by performance enhancing drugs.