The Redskins Trademark Decision Is Legally Dubious, And Troubling

However you feel about the Redskins name, the decision to retroactively repeal their trademarks is troubling on many levels.

Washington Redskins Trademark Canceled

The US Government has deemed the nickname of the capital’s NFL club racially offensive.

Who Owns a Tattoo?

Those who tattoo celebrities want to be be paid when their tattoos appear in the media.

Donald Sterling Wants To Air The NBA’s Dirty Laundry

There’s really no better word for it than blackmail.


Steve Coburn is (Mostly) Right

Leaving aside his emotionalism and frustration, his core argument has merit.

2022 FIFA World Cup Hit With Bribery Allegations

More problems for the planned 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Donald Sterling Sues NBA For $1,000,000,000

Bring in the lawyers!

The Real Origin of the ‘Washington Redskins’ Nickname

A debunking of the origin story actually aids the case that the motivation was not racist. It doesn’t matter.

Seahawks Sign Draft Pick With Heart Condition Knowing They’d Immediately Cut Him

The Seattle Seahawks signed a draft choice knowing he would never play a down of football for them, costing them more than half a million dollars.

Fifty Senators Call On N.F.L. To Change Redskins Name

Once again, Washington politicians are pontificating about the Washington Redskins.

NBA Wants to Ban Shelly Sterling, Too

The NBA wants to get rid of Donald Sterling’s estranged wife, too.

Donald Sterling: Sympathy for a Devil

I’m uneasy about a world in which a private conversation, illegally recorded, can be used in this fashion.

UConn Dominates College Basketball . . . Not So Much College Itself

UConn won another national championship. Their graduation rate remains embarrassing.

Ray Rice Celebrates Aggravated Assault Indictment by Marrying Victim

Ray Rice celebrated his aggravated assault indictment by marrying his victim.

NLRB Official Rules Football Players At Northwestern Can Unionize

Are student athletes employees? According to an NLRB hearing officer they are, but that’s hardly the end of the story.

HaHa Clinton-Dix Tired of Monica Lewinski Jokes

Worst part about being named HaHa Clinton-Dix? ‘The whole President Clinton thing with Monica Lewinsky’

Rush Limbaugh: Heterosexuals Under Attack By Homosexuals

Once again, Rush Limbaugh panders to the most pernicious of the right side of American politics.